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Does gravity travel at the speed of light?

Updated on September 1, 2017


The Rope Hypothesis - An alternative to waves, particles and wave-packets


At what speed does gravity travel? Instantaneously? At the speed of light? Somewhere in between? The electromagnetic rope model of light and gravity suggests that tension is a static concept. Tension has no speed.


Instantaneous motion

Let's debunk right here and now the ludicrous notion so pervasive in the religion of Mathematics that motion can be instantaneous or speed ‘infinite’. The term 'instantaneous motion' entails movement within a photograph: the rock moves closer to the tree. In Physics, however, we need at least two frames of a movie to conceptualize motion.

motion: two or more locations of an object

Therefore, ‘instantaneous motion’ and ‘infinite speed’ are oxymorons. The terms contain their own contradiction and, thus, are beyond the purview of Science.

Gravity is not a force

Let's now debunk a more subtle notion of the religion of Mathematics: that a tension is a force. Force is a dynamic concept whereas tension is conceptually static. Where force requires one object to dominate over the other through either push or pull and displace it from its location, tension is a draw. Pull is one-way. Tension is bidirectional.

Mathematical Physics has for most of its history treated gravity as a force. However, if gravity is a force and force is dynamic, it is axiomatic that gravity cannot cause instantaneous effects. As a result of this inescapable logic the contemporary mathematicians abandoned Newton’s equation, which invariably proposes that gravity acts instantaneously. We cannot conceptualize, let alone verify in the lab, how a discrete particle moves in zero time, in a single frame of the film. Discrete particles simply cannot simulate either tension or the force of pull. Thus, it is not surprising that the sect of Mathematical Physics known as Quantum Mechanics has been unable to incorporate gravity within the theory. Discrete particles such as gluons, the alleged mediators of the binding strong force inside the nucleus, and gravitons, a ridiculous concoction the mathematicians invented in a vain attempt to explain gravity, are unable to generate attraction.

Another sect of Mathematical Physics known as General Relativity introduced the ludicrous notion that space is warped. The mathematicians had to convert space into a physical object -- a trampoline of sorts -- in order to give a physical interpretation to gravity. And although many mathematicians are aware that space is not literally warped ‘out there’, under Mercury’s belly, unfortunately they don’t communicate this plainly to the ignorant masses who continue to believe that space is indeed warped like a hammock. The overwhelming majority of people do in fact believe that a planet weighs down the space canvas. They truly believe that Mercury comes up against a wall of space like the ball on a roulette which prevents the tiny planet from straying from its orbit. The common folk are not aware that this is just an analogy and that the analogy is not the ‘real thing’ out there in the Universe. General Relativity does NOT have a valid physical interpetation for gravity if the warped space theory is just a figure of speech that means something specific to Mathematics and not to the real world!

Tiny Mercury rolling around the warped space canvas encapsulating the Sun

The bottom line is that General Relativity’s warped space contradicts Quantum Mechanic’s forces and particles. They are two distinct and irreconcilable mechanisms for gravity. Yet the religion of Mathematical Physics claims that both Relativity and Quantum are complete, infallible, and verified to a billion decimal points. The Math is great. The explanation Mathematical Physics offers for gravity is for the insane asylum.

On the other hand, if gravity is a tension, it is necessarily instantaneous. Pull on a rubber band. You will feel tension constantly. Is the signal traveling from one hand to the other through the rubber band? Of course not! The tension was permanent. It never ceased. Were signals traveling from one hand to the other throughout the experiment? Let's hope not. In fact, if you and I are on opposite sides of the Universe, we will both feel the tension on the rubber band we are hanging from until a third party cuts it. It will not take millions of years for the 'information' to reach you as the religion of Mathematics claims. You will fall as soon as the tension ceases. The mathematicians have become penny and pound foolish for simulating every physical phenomenon with point particles which must travel to destination no faster than light.

                            Rubber Band stretched across the Universe

The rubber band will be under constant tension unless we cut it, in which case tension will cease instantly!

Weight is not a force, but a tension

Newton's amply verified gravitational equation is not about force, but about tension.

F= G M1 m2 / d² => T= G M1 m2 / d²

Weight is specific for a given location. Change the location and weight changes 'instantaneously'. The only way we can explain this phenomenon is by concluding that weight is a product of tension.

Tension can neither be simulated with particles nor warped space. The only way to simulate tension is with extended objects such as chains, coils, rubber bands, or ropes. In the next video, we will show that the mysterious ‘instantaneous action a distance’ implied by Newton’s amply verified equation is quite easily modeled by the electromagnetic rope we talked about in Videos 7, 8, and 9.


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