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Emma - What Does Your Name Mean?

Updated on June 5, 2010
Book cover of Jane Austen's 'Emma'
Book cover of Jane Austen's 'Emma'

What does the name Emma mean, what is its origin and who are the famous Emmas? Discover the story behind the name.

Name Meaning: Emma

Emma is a female name pronounced EM ah.

It is from Old German origin, and means "entire; whole; all-containing; universal" (from the Germanic word "ermen").

Sometimes it is also considered to mean "strong".

The name was introduced to England at the time of the Norman Conquest, and became particularly popular after the 1960s television series "The Avengers" where the lead female character was named "Emma Peel".

Name Origin: Emma

Emma was originally a shortened version of old German names such as Ermentrude and Ermintrude.

It is a very popular name, consistently appearing on top baby name lists.

Nicknames for Emma

Em, Emmy

Famous Emmas

Emma Thompson - English actress born 1959
Emma Samms - English actress born 1960
Emma Roberts - American actress and singer born 1991
Emma Bunton - English singer and a member of the Spice Girls born 1976
Emma Darwin - wife of Charles Darwin (1808-1896)
Emma Rigby - English actress born 1989
Emma Lahana - New Zealand actress and singer born 1984
Emma Caulfield - American actress born 1973
Emma Bonino - Italian politician and human rights activist born 1948
Emma of Normandy - married English Kings Ethelred II & Canute 985-1052
Emma of Mělník - wife of Boleslav II of Bohemia (c950 - c1005)
Emma Rochlin - Scottish field hockey defender born 1978
Emma Bolger - Irish actress born 1996
Emma Shapplin - French soprano born 1974
Emma Bull - American science fiction and fantasy author born 1954
Emma George - Australian pole vaulter born 1974
Emma Černá - Czech actress born 1937
Emma Green - Swedish athlete born 1984
Emma Goldman , Lithuanian anarchist and writer (1869-1940)
Emma Watson - English actress born 1990
Emma, Lady Hamilton - English performer, artist's model & mistress (1761-1815)
Emma Laine - Swedish born tennis player who played for Finland born 1986
Emma Lazarus - American poet (1849-1887)
Queen Emma of Hawaii - queen to King Kamehameha IV (1836-1885)
Emma Snowsill - Australian World Class Triathlete born 1981
Emma of Waldeck & Pyrmont - married William III of the Netherlands (1858-1934)

Emma in Fiction

Emma - 1816 novel by Jane Austen, adapted for film and tv many times
Emma Woodhouse - title character of Jane Austen's novel "Emma"
Emma Bovary - title character in Gustave Flaubert's novel "Madame Bovary"
Emma Peel - character in in the 1960s British TV series "The Avengers"
Emma Frost - Marvel Comics character
Emma Geller-Green - daughter of Ross & Rachel in the TV series "Friends"

Emma in Music


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    • profile image

      Emma Lamers 5 years ago

      Hi my name is Emma and i love my name and thank you for telling me what my name means. And i am strong and universal (i like hanging and showing people who i really am. Thanks so much again!

    • profile image

      EMMA 5 years ago

      my name is emma and there are 3 emmas in my grade


    • profile image

      Emma 5 years ago

      I love my name

    • profile image

      Emma Huyser 5 years ago

      wow this stuff is really cool i didn't know a lot of it but now i do

    • profile image

      emma 6 years ago

      i loved my name and i knmow all about my name thx

    • profile image

      emma 6 years ago

      i really didn't no all this stuff im 16 now and didn't even know!

    • profile image

      Emma 6 years ago

      thank u

    • profile image

      Emma  7 years ago

      nice song Emma,like it a lot,thank you

    • profile image

      emma123 7 years ago

      i'm emma stone from hollywood

    • profile image

      Emma  7 years ago

      hi i really didn't know what my name mean but thank you x

    • tonymac04 profile image

      Tony McGregor 8 years ago from South Africa

      A really interesting read, thank you. Love the name Emma and now I know a bit more about it than I did before!

      Love and peace



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