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Emotional objective thinking

Updated on April 1, 2010

Feelings have their own wisdom

Feelings help us to answer needs: our own needs, needs of the society and of the living environment.

Answering needs keeps us healthy.

So the message of feelings is to motivate us to safeguard the health of ourselves, of the society and of the world at large.

Feelings do this by commanding us to avoid harmful things and catastrophes (the causes of ngative feelings), and to reach for a better way of living, a well cooperating society and a good state for the world at large (the causes of positiv feelings). This is especially easy to see if you look at the extremes: at the unusually strong negative feelings and their causes in your life, and compare them to those occasions when you have felt unusually strong positive feelings.

We have many feelings about all the different things in our lives and in the world. The message of feelings is objective if you consider things as phenomena, like free-time, catastrophes, happy childhood, etc, and use a holistic view about what you feel about each phenomenom.

Thus you form a landscape like picture of the world and of your situation of life. The felings in it command you to safeguard the health of all the important things in life, in the society and in the world at large. I call such a landscape with feelings "an atmosphere". An asy example of an atmosphere is the observation: "There is a huge storm cloud coming - let's run for shelter!" You see the whole landscape at the same time as your feeelings notice its ,major features and make you react wisely in ways that safeguard your health and the health of others.

Atmospheres are your natural best way to think objectively. Often when you observe anything, you observe an atmosphere of it: you remember what that kind of things are like to have in life and in the world, and those associations, about the beneficiality or harmfulness of each characteristic of the thing in question, you observe as an atmosphere. You can se each observation as a landscape like view, like for example the fear of pollution might be associated in your mind to a picture of a factory producing masses of smoke. Another example would be childhood summer memories... Seeing those associations makes you at once understand what unavoidably comes along with the thing in question, and what it can bring if circumstancies are right. Observing a whole landscape of things by your sense of atmospheres is very effective objective thinking indeed. Just keep proportions right in your picture of the whole, and you are so objective much like an university professor is!

Health of the whole world

The concept of health applies to all living beings, to the society and to the whole biosphere.

In questions concerning tools and technology, you have to widen the definition of health. Healthy means in biological beings fully functioning arrangement that has been "chosen" as the very best by evolution or by god. That is easy to generalize: "fully functioning and optimized"!

The healthy world is the best alternative for any purpose. It has its biological parts fully functioning and it has also the advantages of optimized technology. The whole is fitted together wisely just like evolution or god taught us to do. (You can see my book about the wisest organization of the whole here - but to be honest, it is quite tough to read!)

You can solve almost any problem if you just BUILD IN YOUR MIND A MODEL OF WHAT A HEALTHY NATURAL WAY OF LIFE, A HEALTHY SOCIETY AND A COMPLETELY HEALTHY WORLD IS LIKE. Just compare any option to the health of everything, and choose the better option because of its good sides: full health is the best option!

Healthy means among other things: healthily practical, healthy holistic rationality, healthy from the emotional perspective, healthily strong and reactive (sensitive enough) in the important matters of life, healthy mind and body, healthy social life, healthy type of moral, etc. (Here you can find an easy free guide to learning holistic rationality.)

Religious feelings

Religious feelings refer to what is the right way to live, for example sensitive, according to emotions and observant of atmospheric landscapes.


Beauty tells that some beautiful characteristic of the thing of beauty is superwell, suitable to be a model of how one could ideally do things.

Sexual attraction

We feel attracted toward those persons whose skills in living are a good addition to just our own ways and our own wisdom of life. So sexuality is a personal thing that teaches you to see the world with the eyes of the other one like in friendship you do.


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    • zionsphere profile image

      zionsphere 7 years ago from Oregon

      This is a wonderful message. I agree. We should follow our feelings, because they are there to help us make the right choices. Thank you for sharing!