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Emperor Scorpion

Updated on February 24, 2016

Scientific Name: Pandinus imperator


The Emperor Scorpion is the largest of all species and that is why many people are worried about it. The bite can be painful but the venom isn’t nearly as strong as what you will come across from many other species out there. They still have a terrible reputation though and many people tend to be very scared of them.

They can grow to a size of about 7 ½ inches. The females will be larger than the males. They may be smaller overall though depending on where they live. This is why people think they are seeing a different type of Scorpion as they have always heard about how large this species is.

The babies are white in color and that is also a time when this species is misidentified. As they go through the molting stages they will develop very dark brown and black coloring. Due to the fluorescent in them they will also give off a greenish glow around the edges.

The Emperor Scorpion has very large pinchers and an abdominal region that is quite large when compared to other species. They also have a tail that is wider and longer. All of this comes together in order to offer a very unusual and even terrifying appearance.


Hollywood is famous for making something that scares people seem larger than life. This has been done with the Emperor Scorpion in two popular shows – The Scorpion King and The Mummy. Even though they seem very vicious in these movies they were selected for the role based on the fact that they are shy and timid creatures.

In some cultures they are even captured and then the venom is collected from the body. This is used for medicines. There are large scale research efforts too that involve making the Emperor Scorpion sting to release the venom. What this has shown though is that they are more likely to retreat than to bite and sting even when they have cause to do so.

This is mainly a type of Scorpion that will be active at night. Yet during periods of rain they may be very active during the day as well. That is due to the fact that there will be in sufficient increase in the amount of food that is available out there.

The most common time for humans to be stung happens to be when the females have their young with them. They are going to do all they can to protect themselves and the young Scorplings. That doesn’t mean that these creatures are out there looking for humans to attack though as many people believe.

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Author Kevin Walsh
Author Kevin Walsh
Author Kevin Walsh

Habitat and Distribution

Today you will find the Emperor Scorpion living all over the place. However, they originated in certain locations around Africa. They have been exported around the world as there is a huge demand for such exotic pets. They should never be placed into the same aquarium though and you want to give them lots of areas to hide. Some soil and sand at the bottom of the confined area is a good idea.

In the wild they will dig burrows in the sand and soil. These Scorpions prefer a location that offers them plenty of humidity. As a tip, you may want to use a mister to give them some of it when you live in a dry climate. If you live in a cool area then you should also offer them a heating mat. Bypass the bright heating lights though as they are very sensitive to any form of lighting.

Emperor Scorpion Video

Diet and Feeding habits

Large volumes of food can be stored in the body of the Emperor Scorpion. This is why they will eat constantly if there is enough available. When you have one as a pet you need to limit the amount of food you offer. Between 6 and 9 crickets a week is all they will need. They will consume much more though if you provide it for them.

In the wild they mainly feed on termites as they are able to dig many feet below the surface to get to the mounds. They will grab the termites with their pinchers and crush them. They also inject venom that will cause the insides of them to turn to a liquid substances. This it the result of various enzymes found in the venom.

The shell is the only part of the prey that they will leave behind. This is because they can’t take in any form of solid foods. The females are highly known for eating males that they don’t want to mate with or that they have mated with. They will also consume their young at times. This type of cannibalism is more likely to occur when regular food sources are hard to find.

The males will rarely engage in the process of eating each other. Yet it has been observed at times. This is typically due to conflicts over mating or over territory. It will also increase in frequency when there is a limited supply of food around.

Author  Danny Steaven
Author Danny Steaven


There are approximately 12 young born at a time for the females. They will be carried in her body for at least 9 months after mating occurs. It  can be as long as 1 ½ years though depending on the location. When more food is offered they will emerge in less time.

The young are very vulnerable at birth and will ride on her back. They will be small white entities there. She will allow them to remain with her until they complete a molting cycle. Then they will have to scurry fast to find shelter. If they are too slow she may become aggressive and eat them.

Venomous Bite or Danger to Humans

The bite from one of these Emperor Scorpion is extremely painful and you will know something has gotten you. However, the venom typically isn’t a very serious danger for most people. The biggest concern is that swelling can occur and that can also close airways if it is very severe. That is going to be the case for those that have an allergy to such venom.

Emperor Scorpion Video

Bite Treatment or Care

Anyone who has allergies is more likely to have serious problems from such a bite. Those with heart problems are also at a high risk of being adversely affected. Small children and the elderly also have a more serious reaction than healthy adults.

Immediate care should be taken after such a bite. Over the counter medication can be offered for pain until something stronger can be given at the hospital. An ice pack on the area once it has been cleaned is a good way to help reduce the swelling too.

Individuals that have any forms of heart problems are at the highest risk of serious long term damages occurring from such a bite. If you are bitten and you have heart concerns you need to make sure that the medical staff are aware of it.

Most people make a full recover from an Emperor Scorpion bite. This can take several months though depending on the severity of it and a person’s overall health. Children and the elderly seem to take the longest to recover.


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  • profile image

    Teddy 6 years ago

    They are cool animals, but they do require a lot of responsibility. Mainly because they need just the right habitat in which to live. I know because I currently own one. It might be best to wait till u do a lot of research on them first.

  • profile image

    audin 6 years ago

    wow these are prety cool wanted to get one but my boring parents said no