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Emptiness (Sidewalk Prophet Series)

Updated on May 11, 2015


Tender hearts and simple souls;

Lives we lead but do not own.

There is light in our eyes

Interlocking all lives pieces;

What we can and can not conceive.

We're not even in touch

With each other or God.

Can you dream

This place without friends

The hugeness of emptiness.

The Heart

My thoughts are tied,

I have taken counsel

To find my final face.

My solitariness is nearly complete.

I've learned to trust the heart,

How infinitely it expands

Faithfully dealing with life

Without blurring the issues.

At least, ,

It comprehends the world..

Everybody needs somebody. A friend, a companion, a shoulder to lean on. Sometimes the one's we need are not around so we have to fulfill this need some place else. The place to look is in your heart where all the love is. When you examine any situation with love, The only solution you will come up with is a righteous one.


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