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End of Elementary School English Test

Updated on March 6, 2014

Test Instructions English Descriptive Texts

Read the descriptive text below carefully, and then answer the questions below, circling the correct letter for each one. Each question has only one right answer. You may look back at the passage as often as you like. You may work in rough on the question paper, if it helps.

Time: 5 minutes reading time and 30 minutes to complete the test.

Primary English Descriptive Texts

A descriptive text study is required in Primary School. Broadly, forming part of the non-fiction text study units for English, descriptive texts include adverts, leaflets, news articles and information leaflets.

Below is a 20 question multiple choice test which covers comprehension, style, grammar, spelling and punctuation skills for a student hoping to achieve top grades in Year 5. The test is compatible for UK or USA Primary students in Year 5.

Permisssions and copyright.

As long as copyright @ Eliza Doole 2014 is written upon the document you present in paper or electronic form, I give my permission for teachers to use this in their classrooms, or parents at home to use this resource to test their child's progress. You may also use the Hubpages site and set this page for your students to do an online test. All rights are single-use and I do not give permission for mass production of this work as a teaching unit. Feel free to contact me on my Google Plus button on my Hubpages profile. if you'd like to mass use this resource. I will give you multiple use permissions and a more photocopy-friendly text.


You can do it on a Jupiter! Our all new "Rainbow Board" is made of lightweight, rugged protrusion fibreglass, specially designed to make riding smooth and easy. Heavy-duty wheels with semi-sealed bearings attached to high performance trucks make for the skate of your life.

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Skateboard Trucks
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Skateboard Wheels
Jupiter Skateboard's 'Rainbow' board
Jupiter Skateboard's 'Rainbow' board

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High Performance Trucks

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Questions: 20 Multiple Choice Questions

Part I: Purpose of Descriptive Texts

1) What kind of text is "Jupiter Skateboards"?

a. An advertisement.

b. An information leaflet.

c. A newspaper article.

d. A magazine article.

2) What is the text trying to persuade you to do?

a. Design your very own skateboard.

b. Look at the website and their latest product.

c. Buy a new skateboard from their dealers or on-line store.

d. Go for a ride on a skateboard.

Part II: Style and Grammar - choose the most correct answer

3) The text uses sub-headings because:

a. These make it easier to match the text with pictures.

b. The pictures enhance the sub-headings.

c. Sub-headings are always a part of advertising texts.

d. The sub-headings provide details about how to design a custom skateboard.

4) Which is an example of technical and specialist language from the text?

a. A smooth and easy ride.

b. Heavy-duty wheels with semi-sealed bearings.

c. Here's what you've been waiting for.

d. You won't find a better ride in town.

5) Which 'person' is the text written with when it says; "Here's what you've been waiting for."?

a. First person

b. Second person

c. Third person

d. Omniscient person

Part III: Punctuation and Spelling

6) A "urethane" is which definition? [Under sub-heading "Amazing Wheels"]

a. A kind of plastic material for making skateboard wheels.

b. A type of mould.

c. A covering for skateboard wheels.

d. None of the above is correct.

7) Why is the word "Free" capitalised and highlighted in red?

a. To make this word stand out to the reader.

b. To draw attention to the free offer from Jupiter Skateboards.

c. To let the reader know there's something in it for them.

d. To grab the reader's eye.

8) A hyphen (-) is in an advertisement when...: (Examples: 'precision sealed'; 'heavy duty')

a. Words or parts of words are linked.

b. Meanings of words need combining for emphasis.

c. To make a compound meaning of two words.

d. All of the above answers are correct.

9) Under the sub-heading Jupiter's Pro Line what is a synonym for the word 'indestructible'?

a. breakable

b. perishable

c. destructible

d. durable

10) Under the sub-heading Amazing Wheels, what do you think a "durameter" is?:

a. A unit of measurement particular to skateboard wheels.

b. A unit of space particular to skateboard wheels.

c. A classification of unit measurements.

d. A made-up word for measuring skateboard wheels.

Part V: Comprehension

11) Why does the text not use capital letters in the title "it's the skate of your life"?

a. Advertising texts use fonts to catch the reader's eye.

b. Writers of advertising use tricks like non-capitalisation to hook a reader.

c. The lack of a capital 'I' for 'it's' makes the text appeal more to teenagers.

d. All of the above answers could be correct.

12) Which image draws the most attention in the text?

a. The rainbow-coloured wheels image.

b. The high performance trucks image.

c. The image of a rainbow skateboard and rider skating a rainbow.

d. The image of two hardwood skateboards.

13) Why do you think is the main reason the text uses a large image of a rainbow skateboard and rider?

a. To take up space on the page.

b. To show what the product looks like.

c. To remind the reader about rainbows.

d. To use many colours to make the advert interesting.

14) According to the writer, why do you need 'High Performance Tracks' on your skateboard?

a. They will give you greater response when skating over moves needing steering and control.

b. They look good, stay strong, and are designed for a smoother ride.

c. They come in many colours and make you stand out from the crowd.

d. None of the above answers are correct.

15) Who do you think the text is aimed at?

a. Teenagers who skateboard regularly.

b. Teenagers who shop on-line.

c. Teenagers who know a lot about skateboarding.

d. Both a and c are correct answers.

16) Under the sub-heading "Amazing Wheels" why do you think a skateboarder would choose to order the widest wheels?

a. To gain more traction when riding a skateboard.

b. To soak up rougher surfaces and ensure skateboard riding is smoother.

c. The text does not make that clear to the reader.

d. Both a and b are correct answers.

17) How many decorative woods can you use to decorate a Jupiter Pro Line skateboard?

a. 5

b. 5 to 7

c. 7

d. 7 to 9

18) What is the difference between a Jupiter Rainbow board and a Jupiter Pro Line board?

a. One has wood decoration and one has rainbows painted on it.

b. They are both the same.

c. Each skateboard is unique.

d. None of the above answers are correct.

19) What is the best reason the text "waiting to talk to you" is underlined?

a. This is a magazine advertisement.

b. This is a newspaper advertisement.

c. This is an on-line advertisement and this is link-text.

d. This is a mistake in the text.

20) How does the text instruct you to order a skateboard?

a. Talk to a Pro design Jupiter Rainbow skateboard expert.

b. Contact your nearest Jupiter dealer.

c. Write to Jupiter International.

d. All of the above answers are ways to order a skateboard from Jupiter.

Jupiter Skateboard Answers

ANSWERS - Jupiter Skateboards

1. a

2. c

3. d

4. b

5. b

6. a

7. b

8. d

9. d

10. a

11. d

12. c

13. b

14. a

15. d

16. d

17. b

18. b

19. c

20. d

Marks of 16-20 equal secure Level 5 attainment.

20 marks translates into a percentage score. 80 - 100% achievement is secure Level 5 in the UK, and secure Grade A in the US.

© 2014 Lisa McKnight


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