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Endangered African Animals

Updated on July 5, 2011

The world is changing constantly; it's a dynamic process that is ever-present and ever-flowing, one that can't be stopped and that can hardly ever be changed. One of the biggest changed the world is undergoing is the change within nature; ecosystems are being morphed, habitats destroyed; even the atmosphere is being ripped open.

The changing of nature is one of the most apparent changes within our world, as well as the one with the most fatal of consequences. Day by day more and more animals die and species, which used to flourish on our big planet, are beginning to become endangered. Endangered animals of the world are in constant threat for their lives; the scary thing though is that list of endangered animals continues to grow no matter what we do to try and stop it.

The best - or I should say worst - example of this is Africa. The endangered African animals list is much larger than most endangered animals list; hundred of African species are on the verge of extinction; this isn't a myth, but a fact.

Let's take a look.


The Cheetah is one of the most endangered African animals.
The Cheetah is one of the most endangered African animals. | Source


As far as African endangered animals go, the Cheetah is one of the most dangered species; in fact it's one of the most endangered animals of the world.

The Cheetah is the fastest mammal (on land) on the entire planet. It's sleek and agile body and can move up to speeds of 60 kilometers an hour, making it one of the uniquest species in the world.

What has made it an endangered animal in Africa? The answer is, surprisingly, inbreeding. Cheetahs have a high mortality rate when mating with each other and this has been one the biggest downfalls of the species; much of this inbreeding is due to human causes such as poaching.

Another reason why the Cheetah is an endangered African mammal is because it is very vulnerable to larger preys. Lions and hyenas are starting to hunt Cheetahs more and more consistently and one of the main reasons for this is because we, as humans, have destroyed many African habitats.


There are very few African Elephants left in the wild.
There are very few African Elephants left in the wild. | Source

The African Elephant

There aren't many as majestic animals as the Elephant - except for maybe the African elephant. With massive tusks and thick skin, the African Elephant is one the most vital species to reside in Africa. Known in Biology as a keystone species, the African elephant is essential to many other species and ecosystems. It's therefore a shame that they are also known as the endangered African elephant.

In the last 40 years their population has dropped significantly (it was registered that only 10 000 were left in 2006) and most African elephants live in wildlife preserves.

The main reason the African Elephant is on the endangered African animals list is because of poaching and habitat loss. Many African cultures eat elephant meat and although new rules have been put in place to prevent this it's affecting the species; another reason is habitat loss which is primarily because of humans.


Endangered species facts:  The Chimpanzee is the only mammal, other than humans, to use tools.
Endangered species facts: The Chimpanzee is the only mammal, other than humans, to use tools. | Source


Some of the biggest cry's of 'save endangered animals' come because of the endangered status of the Chimpanzee. The Chimpanzee is from the same family as the gorilla, orangutan and - you could argue - us. A very social creature that live in large colonies up to 100, the Chimpanzee is very similar to humans in nature; and this makes it even harder to see them as an African endangered animal.

The Chimpanzee's are one of the most noticed endangered animals of the world not just because they are like us, but because of the reasons why they are endangered. Habitat loss, climate change, and poaching are the main reasons of why the Chimpanzee is almost one of the many extinct African animals.


Very few lions live in the wild.
Very few lions live in the wild. | Source


Perhaps the most beloved species of all time, as well as the most allegorical, the lion is also an endangered African animal.


Because of us.

The main reason why the Lion is one of the many endangered animals in Africa is because of habitat destruction and poaching - both of which are directly caused by us. Now, because of this, Lions only live in the wild where humans are very sparse; and this, nowadays, is a very uncommon occurrence.


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    • Philuc profile image

      Philuc 7 years ago from Quito, Ecuador

      Combining the two (care and population demands - and a bit of politics) is the tough part ... that is the challenge and the more people beome involved the greater possibility for more satisfying results. Vanchen you have touched a subject after my heart.

    • vanchen profile image

      vanchen 7 years ago from British Columbia

      Thanks for the comment Philuc. I agree - change has to be made.

    • Philuc profile image

      Philuc 7 years ago from Quito, Ecuador

      In general terms there is much more awareness now of the need to care for endangered animals, but just a quick look at the population drop over the last two decades only shows that much more needs to be done - and this has to include population pressures.