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Environmental Challenges: Why Should We Save The Environment’s Ecosystems?

Updated on November 29, 2015

Sustainability throughout Ecosystems

With every serious hurdle mankind will face within the next hundred years, every person must do his or her share of responsibilities in making then environment even more sustainable.

Sustainability means every corner of the world must constantly have enough replenishment of supplies, for the next generations to benefit from. However, it seems the notion of staying sustainable is fast becoming far-fetched because of the diminishing value in the world’s ecosystems.

An ecosystem is nature’s own way of instilling various roles, which organisms of every size have to play. This means every animal, insect or even microbe is part of a bigger scheme of the entire environmental chain. Take away just one component, and the interaction among the remaining organisms may drastically change.

Can you just imagine if flies suddenly became extinct? This means frogs need to search for other types of food aside from existing insects. They may possibly expand their diet to other absurd organisms like small fishes, and this will have a domino effect, which will eventually affect how people will gather their own food in a matter of decades.

Land Degradation
Land Degradation | Source

Statistics and Science Report

Worldwatch Institute is an Independent Research Institute which reported in 2009,

"We are in the midst of a mass extinction, an event not seen since the disappearance of the dinosaurs, 65 million years ago."

Researchers have been trying hard to find the levels of Core Components of Earth which are appropriate of Human Life. There is no doubt that responsible Human being is very conscious on his duties, but that makes very less difference to whole planet. Researchers found that that changes done to our Ecosystem in last 60 years has never been done in 10,000 years.


Now’s the Time to Take Action

One of the biggest concerns includes overpopulation, which lead to the lack of sufficient resources to supply every individual in the planet. Another issue would be the diminishing diversity in flora and fauna, and, as a result, the Earth’s natural balance gets compromised.

Before mankind fully depletes its resources, every person must do his or her share in protecting if not nourishing the environment. There are simple tips to care for the Earth, and these methods of conservation will eventually go a long way towards bringing back the planet’s bountiful resources.

First off if you’re a fan of the beach, make it a point to bring your own trash bags. This way, you’ll get to segregate your trash after your trip, and you will not forget to clean up right after a fun day at the shores. Make your trash bag even recyclable and attractive, so you can just wash it and get the bag ready for another beach trip.

Second, you can also join environmental groups, which actively take part in preserving the environment. If you’d like to have further impact to our vicinity, being part of an organization committee gives you a chance to be more hands-on to preservation projects.

Third, make sure your home appliances have decent energy ratings as approved by the government. Not only do you have the chance to avail of your state’s rewards or monetary incentives, you’ll also get to save on your monthly electricity bills.

The effects of having unhealthy ecosystems can be catastrophic to the coming generations. This is why it is certainly worthwhile to get started with your own environment saving initiatives at the soonest time possible.

Perfect Question at Perfect Time

Are You Taking Any Serious Steps to Save Environment?

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