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Environmental Studies 9

Updated on September 12, 2011

I just noticed I forgot to post my last environmental studies reading response. Here it is below. 

It is no secret that environmentalism favors a government intensive approach to solving environmental issues. However, this is utterly inefficient, as evident in Michael Grundwald’s article The Clean Energy Scam, describing government’s nonsensical approach to biofuels.
The argument for biofuels is that “cars emit carbon no matter what fuel they burn, but” (Grundwald 44) plants absorbs carbon from the atmosphere; therefore, biofuels help nature before harming it. Unfortunately, other more carbon-absorbent plants must be cleared to create land for growing biofuel crops. Consequently, the atmosphere’s net carbon amount increases. Furthermore, deforesting the rainforest is the prime method of securing biofuel cropland.
Regardless of this truth, politicians continually support biofuels because they are unconcerned with doing what is correct; they are only concerned with remaining in office, increasing their power, and keeping their party in office. Of course, politicians do not support biofuels by simply saying, ‘Biofuels are peachy keen. I am Joe the Politician and I approve this message.’ Supporting biofuels involves money; around $8 billion rightfully belonging to American residences, but Joe the Politician steals to subsidize biofuels. ‘Subsidy’ is just a fancy word for ‘pacifier’. Thus, Joe the Politician purchases an $8 billion pacifier with money he stole, and gives it to the farm lobby; a powerful baby that – without its binky – throws a temper tantrum and votes out Joe the Politician and his cronies. Therefore, subsidizing biofuels has nothing to do with sustaining nature; it is all about maintaining power.
This is just one small example of how politicians specialize in boondoggles. Therefore, if politicians cannot properly address this small environmental problem, environmentalists have no reason to believe that any politician can do it correctly.
Grundwald, Michael. “The Clean Energy Scam.” Time. April. 2008: 40 – 45.


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