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Esoteric Psycho-Analysis: Scour the Unconscious Expose Hidden Aspects Reveal the Obvious

Updated on October 12, 2010

MODE of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Education

Beseeching Depth
Beseeching Depth | Source

MODE of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Educational Psychology: Can We Really Find That Which Isn’t Lost?

 How could you know if you found something that was supposedly lost, if, in fact, you had never seen it before? You couldn’t. You would have to; at least, have some sort of idea of what it looked like before being able to recognize its newfound appearance.

And, yet people say all the time, that they discover hidden (lost) aspects of themselves through committed study and focused intent.  Not true. Hidden, yes; lost, no.  These so-called hidden aspects are not hidden at all.  In fact, they are very much in plain sight, not obscured in the least. 

 But due to our prefatory seeing, we refuse to acknowledge certain blatant parts of our occult nature.

Oh! Did I use a ‘bad’ word: occult?  In earlier times, back when there was not so much ‘push a button’  easy knowledge available to instantaneously enlighten people, the word ‘occult’ was considered nocuous and dangerous, evil, too. 

Yet, as any intelligent person would quickly ascertain, the word occult simply means: locked away out of sight; latently repressed, not capable of being understood by ordinary human beings.

Now, who among us is not an ordinary human being? 

Anyway, back to my original premise; the unconscious holds many secrets not understood by ordinary human beings. But, the contents are not lost or even removed from view.  We see the evidence of its manifestation in all of daily actions and interactions with others.

More than any other clue, we are able to see the finite workings of our unconscious mind by the hideous assumptions we so easily make, the unjustifiable conclusions we, as uniformed spectators, jump to, along with the ignorant assertions we conjure up.

It’s really ludicrous when one thinks about how robotically mechanical we are with our blatant officially rendered discourses.

Instead of allowing our sanctified unconscious minds to speak openly, boldly, uncensored and unfiltered, we set about to guard what we say for fear of acting inappropriately. So with our guarded abated conversations, we deny the entrance of the deepest parts of our secluded minds in exchange of concealing our real selves to others.

Because we have self-vested motivations, we placate and sublimate our convictions and truths in order to pacify and condone, so that we may be vindicated from mal-aligned projected thoughts. 

We are offended, even, when someone suspects/accuses us of ‘low-life’ responses/actions.

All the while, we attempt to set ourselves apart as if we are above the ordinary man who is caressed by ‘low-life’ thinking. We are somehow different, “we tell ourselves, with an air of pre-eminence”. 

Just look at our ‘marked and chosen’ well deserved accolades of superiority, distinction and class. In the meantime, our penchant for authenticity remains deceptively latently repressed.

Emotions play a huge part in our ability to deceive ourselves. We really are pregnant emotional tyrants full of uncanny unreasonableness but we proclaim a predisposed rationality to such a cleverly designed degree of respected acceptability, we hardly recognize the many foul flavored disguises we wear in order to tranquilize ourselves and others. 

 Never do we remotely imagine the amount of envied vengefulness lurking behind the veil of pretended kindness ready to strike at a moment’s notice. Jealous and insecure, we pretentiously smile in convincing lauded support.

In other words, we constrain our vile and contemptuous nature in order to be reviewed, received and entitled to special privileges as a ‘special’ nothing to hide ordinary human being.

Yet, in all reasonable human probability, what makes life worth living are the occult aspects of our sacred natures [hidden in the suppressed unconscious] vying for our attention. 

Glorious momentous life-altering things such as self-induced raw virtue, soul’s genuine music, profound drama, misunderstood art, erotic dance, inexplicable spirituality, intimate sexual expressed openness and the passionate search for and unquenchable desire to rent the veil of pretense. 

 These are the sacred sensual sexual artistic cherished creative energies that may be thought of as foolish, unrefined and definitively rebellious ‘low life’ ungoverned activities.  

However, “Truth stands while the rest falls away!”

When one is ready and capable of withstanding the highly evocative cleansing wave of abiding liberating bliss, associated with acknowledging, accepting and embracing the vault of treasured unconscious, he/she experiences such an abounding transformation, as to literally ‘see through steel wall’ without ever leaving the house. 

The unnatural bondage of the liberated spirit found within the unconscious mind, coupled with the constraint forced upon silenced imaginative ideas of unexpressed unconcerned nobleness, when set free mobilizes the entire world.

One ordinary free flowing human being can evolve (term simply used to indicate a ‘getting used to the surprising’ but perfectly ‘natural and convenient’ behavior) produces highly effective, immeasurable happiness, enacted galactically oriented social change.

In essence, because the sublime unconscious displays itself as the portal of uncompromising divinity with complete satiated indifference, prodigious magnificence, and indisputable radical inspired ‘ways and means’ of esoteric occult self education, we gleam unconquerable strength of purpose and resolute resolve in the place of folly. 

However, in the best of our fragile human stupidity, for fear of becoming unimaginable, we will learn {not without a lot of heartache, disappointment, and delay) that our lives are offered to us on platters of exceptional fan fare to do with what we will. 

But WILL we must! 

Our duty, service and underlying obedient WILL and devotion to the unswerving unified universal WILL is to serve mankind. That’s pretty much why we’re here.  The unconscious occult WILL of each individual is geared, ‘established and maintained’ and specified according to the identical inexpressible standard of celestial operations.

Without following the ‘code of celestial honor’ we are all men/women most miserable, disconnected and self-servingly unfulfilled. Out singular duty is to unite and overcome ourselves by refusing to ‘drift along’ in common ‘what’s in it for me’ complacency.

We are the creators of our own innate values which are housed in the sacred unconscious. 

We do nothing out of a sense of pity for we recognize our transcendent natures as reflected in all mankind no matter the journey.

Our human hearts are naturally filled with unmitigated ardent passion.  A sacred sensual sexual artistic creative passion of unparalleled relent compels us to go out into the highways and byways to express our divine love for humanity.

We are to speak the words of unequaled power and measure in this dispensation of time and hallowed space of mortal existence.  We are breathing in the reverent air of all that we have ever been, are, can ever or will ever be. 

We are the ‘ordinary men and women’ who possess extraordinary powers of reverberating magical influential awareness. Our divine intent remains occult in nature, in as much as, we don’t proportionately understand its indescribable magnitude and effervescent splendor.  

But we do what we do with what we have; seeking no longer for the lost aspects of ourselves but releasing the unattended consciousness for the celebrated daily observatory of the consecrated unconsciousness exposed.

Truly, the ordinary moment holds the holy unconscious intent of the extraordinary event.


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    • msorensson profile image

      msorensson 7 years ago

      Indeed, this : :-)

      "When one is ready and capable of withstanding the highly evocative cleansing wave of abiding liberating bliss, associated with acknowledging, accepting and embracing the vault of treasured unconscious, he/she experiences such an abounding transformation, as to literally ‘see through steel wall’ without ever leaving the house."

      Thank you for sharing your wisdom with everyone, Paula.