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An article, Essays, Paragraph writing for American School Students

Updated on August 19, 2020
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Hi, In this article you will get help in writing Article and you will get some written Essays, Paragraph on some topic

How to write Article ?

Article writing

Mostly cases you will get the following numbers in paragraph writing in out of 10

  • For Title/Heading, you will get 1 Marks
  • For Content/Body writing you will get 4 Marks
  • For Grammar, you will get 2.5 marks
  • For the Working style, you will get 2.5Marks. Total 10 marks

So first of all you have to write the heading/title. Your Heading should consist of 3-4 words. For example Global Warming, Pollution, etc.

Now, suppose I gave you the topic Global Warming than the first thing you have to think is what is the topic? Just think for while and start writing. Remember one thing you have to go part wise like

  • Introduction
  • Main part
  • Conclusion

So in the introduction, we can write like this,

“Global warming implies an increase in the temperature of the earth due to greenhouse gases. It is about the melting of glaciers and changing weather patterns.”

It will be better if you start with quotes like if your topic is in Child Labour than it will be like “Every child has the right to educate” it will sound great on your article, after this, you can start your introduction. Remember one thing that Grammarly has 2.5 marks so don’t be afraid and go ahead.

After the introduction now we will step ahead to another part of the article on Body. And before starting body/main part of the article remember one thing that any article in the world have two views

  1. Cause & Effect
  2. Advantage & Disadvantage

You can try thinking about any of the articles. For your clarity, we will take two examples. If I give you the topic of Global warming that what will you get? cause and effect. Do you think about Advantage & Disadvantage or any other thing? Now, I change the topic “Green & Clean America”. Then can you guess about cause & effect? NO, there will be Advantage and only advantage.

Now, think about “Pollution” can you get any sense of Advantage or Disadvantage? There will be cause and effect. Now, we will begin again on our topic. Writing towards the main body/content. We will write this on global warming.

“Rise in the level of carbon dioxide is responsible for increasing the temperature of earth activities like combustion of fossil fuel for transportation. The generation of electricity is responsible for the increasing level of carbon dioxide or poisonous gases.

Whatever we write above are cause only. Now you find the effect and add some, like a health issue, melting glacier, etc

At last, we will come to a conclusion. As we know that we are discussing global warming. It is a problem so you can give some solutions. Like that if we go to “Clean & Green America” than you can give some suggestions. Note down In content you can add some of your sentences by yourself by seeing hint in your question.

Essays on Cloning, Drug Addiction and Social Services


Cloning is manipulating a cell from an animal so that it grows into an exact duplicate of that animal. After a long perseverance Campbell, a Scottish scientist has successfully brought dolly. A cloned lamb into this world. Dolly has been made from a single adult sheep cell which was simply pricked by a needle. The cell has grown into a lamb and is the carbon copy o her mother. Today, sheep have been cloned. Scientists might someday advance the technology to include human beings as well. In science, the thing that can be done will be done. This has roused us to frame a question, should human cloning be brought be into practice?

Cloning is something against the law of nature. It can give carbon copies of a man just within a couple of years. So, the religious communities might not go for it. But then any new inventions cannot stain one’s mind forever. Soon the ethicists will also efface cloning from their memories.

However, won’t one be stupefied if he finds his duplicate standing under his nose? Who knows some might even have to feel their heartbeats. Cloning might cause an identity crisis. It might erase the dignity of two men who are being cloned. As after cloning he won’t be unique. If this happened he might not receive any attention because a unique character is more attractive than a common one. So far as known no one would like to lose the appreciation of being unique.

Through cloning produces genetically the same organism they might not resemble the original one in every aspect as the environment never remains the same. If cloning is practiced intermittently, someday diversity will be extinct. Above all what if cloning is misused. Misuse of scientific discoveries has ruined our lives. For instance, the atomic bomb, the weapons which are the products of the scientific discoveries have made human beings far better at killing each other.

If bloodthirsty people like Hitler and Napoleon be cloned then we would certainly have to bid goodbye to peace forever. Cloning might also give birth to misunderstanding and injustice. Scientists are successful in making clones and easy escape for criminals. They are not yet succeeded in making the device that should distinguish is real culprit from his clones, as a result, there won’t be any bound to the mischievous they perform. The innocents might get punished and this will result in a society without any laws any regulation. At that time cloning through no angle will appear to be beneficial.

However, if it could be used in the right part then it would turn up to be a great achievement. If personalities like Einstein, Mahatma Gandhi, and Lincoln be reported then our planet could be the best place in the Universe. Cloning might also prove to be a source of replaceable organs. It would also solve the problem of infertility. It would be a panacea as one would never get extinct from the earth.

Through there is some bright paste about it, cloning should not be brought into practice because with little benefits it might bring a lot of troubles and problems. It would be mastery over human life. Besides, when the whole world is looking for a solution to overpopulation cloning should get no place in our lives. Cloning would be an awe-inspiring invention of the biologists only if it is not brought into practice.

Drug Addiction- A Menace

A drug is a substance used for medical purposes either alone or in the mixture. It becomes poisonous when taken in overdoses drugs affect not only the body but the brain too. Murphy, a drug obtained from opium causes sleep. The diseases of the mind are more dangerous than those of the body. The men of the medicine extract drugs from some parts of such plants which contain the elements of the drugs. The drug extracted from the roots of rauwolfia and cinchona causes high blood pleasure.

The drug has rightly been described as the deadly menace, as it has ruined the lives of its users especially the youths and children. Once they fall prey. It is not so easy to free themselves from their claws unless they are endowed with strong will power. The more they take, more they get themselves caught by octopussian tentacles of drugs. And before they realize this they are already on the way to self-destruction.

Presently, more than one-fourth of the society is involved in drug addiction but why do people take the drug? What enjoyment do they get form it? As we know from the newspapers, radios, and televisions that especially the youths of this generation have been greatly influenced by drugs that have spoiled the lives of many. It seems that some take drugs just for pleasure and fun and some take it to free themselves from worries and anxieties. This is the way how they start taking drugs which eventually becomes a day to day habit and they cannot go away from it. They are ready even to lay down their lives for the sake of some doses of drugs. Once under the spell of drugs, the addicts feel as if they are in the seventh heaven of pleasure. Where one sees him as the king of kings.

Besides affecting lives, drugs affect mental power too, not to walk of injuries done to the lungs, liver, and heard. Its great disadvantage is that it turns it’s users into an utterly irresponsible person who does not think he has duties towards his family and society. Such negligence and irresponsibility on his part are like pests that eat up the tender buds of life and progress of the society.

Therefore, something must be done to save our youths from going astray because the youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow. This great and stupendous task cannot be performed by diseased minds. So every possible remedy must be put into immediate action before drug addiction becomes wide-spread and out of control. The authorities concerned must stop the smuggling of drugs into our country from abroad. It is the duty of each and every citizen to sweep our nation clean of garbage produced by drugs. Many parents have been applying various preventative measures to free their sons and daughters from drug addiction. They are successful only to some extent. If we want our nation to march ahead we must do our best to stop drug addiction by every possible way and means. The problem of drug addiction must be tackled before this deadly menace gets upon the whole nation.

Social Service

Social service means serving the societies. It means helping people who are in need. It is the greatest kind of service because while rendering social service we do not expect anything. A real social worker finds himself rewarded if his service to any of his society member becomes fruitful.

Man is said to be a social animal who loves to live only in society. In society, we are helped by people at the time of emergency. It becomes our human responsibility to help them at the time when they find themselves helpless. Besides, if we serve others, definitely others will serve us. Social service is one of the best ways of improving society.

There are many great social workers, the lack of manpower and financial resources, we have fallen behind to derive all and full advantages from these natural gifts.

Nepal is a country with a variety of climate which has different types of forest depending upon them. There are topical, sub-tropical, and alpine forests which are a great source of timber. Besides they give us many advantages in many ways. They help to provide the conditions necessary for rainfall by providing moisture to the atmosphere.

But, to provide room for this uncontrolled growth of population they are being cut down day after day. Besides, forest fires are another cause of revealing thick forests. We should however preserve our forest by planting trees and defending against it.

Nepal also receives shares of minerals from natural distribution. However, Nepal is not very rich in minerals. Iron is found in those hills of the Ramechap and Fulchoki hills of Lalitpur district. Magnesium, Lead, Zinc, limestone's, etc. are found in Nepal. Due to a lack of technicians, tools, and finance many more spots of minerals have yet to be found.

Nepal, although being rich in resources, lack of development, due to insufficient manpower machinery, finance, and condition of being landlocked has been fallen behind in the sector of development. If we are able to identify and refine the minerals even from the suspected areas such as Muktinath, Chisapani, and many more, we would miraculously uplift our standard of living. Let’s hope that we can utilize these naturals resources in the near future.

credit Mr. Devendra Raj Dahal

social service

Helping in massive Earthquake happen in nepal
Helping in massive Earthquake happen in nepal

Example of Television and Superstition


Televisions are a wonderful invention and gift of modern science. It was invented by John-L Baird. Now, we can find a television in very much improved forms. This represents a revolution in the field of electronics and entertainment.

With the help of television sets, we are able to see various kinds of programs held a thousand miles away. It has brought theaters and cinemas into our bedrooms. It is a great source of education, information, and entertainment. It is very popular among all of us as it caters to the tastes of people of all ages and jobs.

One can sit back in the comfort of one's drawing-room and select a programmer of one's choice. A whole world of education, information, and entertainment is before a viewer to choose from. There are special programs for special fields and activities, all the 24 hours of the day and night. It has also revolutionized advertisements, businesses, and shopping.

It has replaced the cinema to a great extent. There are teaching aids programs from which all levels of students get benefited. It has helped a lot in the spread of education and the removal of ignorance and superstitions.

Now, television has become a part of our daily life. People spend many hours daily viewing television programs. Many of the programs are educative. Its reach is very wide. Even in rural and far off areas, it is now common and popular; there are programs for the youth, children, women, rural population, farmers, traders, businessmen, sports-lovers, and music lovers.

To some extent it has suited the study time- period of children, besides; different filthy programs and nasty advertisements have put an unpleasant stain on the popularity and advantages of this scientific gift. If this could be stopped, Television would be the bosom company of all houses.


Superstitions can be defined as beliefs based on ignorance and fear. They are always against the known laws of science and reasoning. They are found in various forms and practices.

What is mysterious, unknown, unintelligible, and inexplicable generates awe and fear. The fear in its turn gives rise to blind faith complexes and superstitions. They have caused much fear and harm. The sense of some security, fear of ill-luck, and the dread of the unknown focus in the universe are ingrained in human nature. Even educated persons are not free from these. They have failed to eradicate this fear from their minds. They are educated but not enlightened, and so rationality has been marginalized.

In some societies, superstitions are in plenty and everywhere. For example, the crossing of a cat is considered very ominous, and a sign of ill luck. And if that happens to be black it is considered most disastrous. Similarly, there are auspicious and inauspicious days. Many diseases are still considered to be the cause of the anger of supernatural spirits or local gods. The cry of many animals like cats, dogs, and jackals, etc. is regarded as a bringer of evil. To many people the braying of the ass, the barking of a dog, the hooting of the owl are ominous likewise, if a person sneezes or brings an empty bucket as one goes out or undertakes some important work, it is presumed to end in failure or disaster. Similarly, there are good ones also winking and twitching of the right eye-lid in men. A path crossed by a tailor or a woman bearing a water-filled pot is considered good omens.

Rumors also add a cult of superstitions. Superstitions are not confined to a particular cast, Community, or nation. But among the advanced, educated, and well-off societies and families, the superstitions are gradually fading stains.

The ignorance fear of the unknown, mystery, and religion make the tight hold of superstitions in their mind. The educated and rationalists should come forward and challenge these illogical superstitions. Superstitions have caused much harm to society. The society should be sprayed with education, scientific spirit, and enlightenment and reduce the beliefs towards superstitions.

City life & Child Labour Problem


People living in cities and towns are said to have been spending city life. When people rushed into a village for the livelihood, and different offices are set up they gradually turn into cities and towns

Towns-life has many advantages. In a town, we can live comfortably if of course, we have enough money. We can easily get all roots of things in a town. We can go easily from one part of the town to another. The roads are good. These are a good arrangement for lighting homes, factories, and streets. These are carriages, motor cars, buses, etc. in a town we have many good schools and colleges there. There are many doctors there. There are hospitals in a town. Poor and needy people can go to hospitals for treatment. There are post and telegraph offices. We can know much about the world if we live in a town. We can read daily newspapers. If we are unable to purchase them, we can read them in a public library. In a town, there is a good arrangement for the police. Our lives and property are safer there. There are cinemas and theaters for our amusement. People get greater opportunities to earn money in the town.

But there are many disadvantages also in the town. There is hardly any peace of mind in the town. People are busy all day long. The houses are close to one another. There is not much open space. The town is full of dust and smoke. We cannot inhale pure air there. We cannot always get fresh vegetables. Their price is also high in the town. It is not safe to walk carelessly in a town, because there are lots of vehicles running along the streets at a breakneck speed. There are also many kinds of temptations. They may lead us to ruin. The town life is not all comfortable for the poor who live in wretched huts in unhealthy quarters.

However, it is very difficult to decide whether it is better to spend our lives in a city or in the village. The government is trying to facilitate the villages. If it is so and some trace of facilities really reaches villages, people will probably find the village the best place to live in.

Child labor in Nepal

The problems of child labor in developing countries like Nepal, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka have become a burning question of today. In India alone, there are over 100 million children employed in different work. However, Nepal also has no exception to this problem. Over half a million children are also being employed in Nepal.

It is an issue of subsistence that forces the children to take up minimal jobs and give up their studies at an early stage of life. The parents of the poor children find it hard to continue their education and send their children to earn something and assist the family by all the means. The parents of the child laborers face great difficulties to bring up their children and as a result, send their children to earn their livelihood. These children are really unfortunately as they are forced to take up jobs for food. The children while doing the jobs send money to their parents. In tea stalls, sweet shops, in transportation such as porters and handy boys in tempos, they are mainly engaged. Many of the times still very commonly they are employed in rich man's houses as servants. A great number of them are engaged in carpet making a trade, tending of cows, etc.

This inhuman trade cannot be stopped unless a severe law is passed. Compulsory primary education would be of much use in this regard. However, the poor parents will not prefer to send their children to schools in fear of loss of income. Children are also engaged in small trade like shoe polishing. The problem of child labor cannot be uprooted unless their parents are conscious and aware of their children. In fact, these child laborers die at an early stage as they do not get enough food and medicine for their survival. Child labor being very cheap they are employed by the greedy traders.

This exploitation goes on because poverty is the root behind all these. Time has come when the nation should rise against such evil practice and pass suitable laws for the protection of the children

chil labour
chil labour | Source


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