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Alien DNA Discovered

Updated on June 7, 2010
Alien cave painting
Alien cave painting
Ancient depiction of spaceship
Ancient depiction of spaceship

Scientist Lloyd Pye uncovers groundbreaking evidence that may change the way we view the origins of humanity forever.

On the March 24th broadcast of Coast to Coast AM (public radio), host George Noory interviews Lloyd Pye as they discuss the theory of intervention, and Pye reveals conclusive evidence of alien existence on this planet. Not only did they exist, but they produced a hybrid human race.

What is the intervention theory?

The theory of intervention is the idea that man did not evolve, nor was he created in God's image, as detailed in the bible. Rather, man was a product of "god with a little g", otherwise what are commonly called extra-terrestrials or aliens. Yes, this theory is quite absurd to commonplace people and to the mainstream scientific community, which is why it hasn't gathered much support or exploration through research. Lloyd Pye is rather a pioneer of intervention science, leading the way to uncover these overlooked mysteries. He started heavily researching the origins of man when the Starchild Skull was placed in his possession in 1999.

Pye discusses Starchild skull

What is the Starchild skull?

The Starchild skull is an oddly shaped human skull that was found in a mine tunnel in Mexico in the 1930s, buried alongside a normal human skeleton. Ray and Melanie young of El Paso, Texas were in possession of the skull until 1999, when they handed it over to Lloyd Pye to be researched. What makes this so fascinating is the differences between the Starchild skull and a normal human skull:

  • Half as heavy as a human skull
  • Half as thick as a human skull
  • Twice as durable as a human skull
  • Back of skull is flattened
  • No sinus cavities
  • 200 cm larger than the average adult's brain

These characteristics have a striking resemblance to those of the grey alien of pop culture..this creature would have had large eye sockets, barely a nose, a large, round head that is flattened in the back, and an extremely short neck. It is no wonder that the skull is such a phenomenon to intervention scientists! Lloyd Pye has made it his life's work to uncover the origins of this skull.


Starchild skull
Starchild skull

DNA Analysis in 2003 Proves Human Origins


In 2003, DNA technology became such that Pye could recover the mitochondrial DNA of the skull. This is the DNA outside of the nucleus that provides evidence of the mother's genetic material. With this technology, the mother of the skull was determined as human. However, until recently, DNA science was not advanced enough for Pye to trace the origins of the father's DNA. In order to do so, the nuclear DNA would have to be recovered. This left plenty of room for skepticism, and many mainstream scientists waved off the Starchild skull as a mere deformity. Until now....

Cosmic DNA
Cosmic DNA

2010 evidence of alien origins

Now in 2010, the DNA recovery process has well improved. Pye took the Starchild skull to the National Genetic Database at the National institute of Health, commonly used by geneticists worldwide. Once the paternal DNA strand was recovered, Pye was able to compare it to all known and recorded types of DNA on this planet to find a match for it. The very long strand of 342 base pairs came up with no known match to any other species on this planet!

So, here we have a skull that has been scientifically analyzed and determined as both human and alien in origin, a find that will shake the foundations of both science and religion to the absolute core!

Ancient astronauts
Ancient astronauts

Recommended Reading

Following is a list of books which I highly recommend to anyone who wants to know more about the Starchild project, intervention theory, and alien existence in general.

 My personal favorite is Genesis Revisited by Zecharia Sitchin. He is a leading researcher and writer in this field. The book is extremely comprehensive and very well researched. Sitchin examines the many connections to alien existence in the bible, and delves into the mysterious world of the ancient Sumerians, a super-evolved race that was superiorally advanced for their time. It changed my world completely, a truly compelling read!

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More Info

For detailed information on this project, please visit Lloyd Pye's website:

Pye has also written a letter to his readers and fellow project enthusiasts, which can be read at

For more information about the paranormal,supernatural,metaphysical, or the strange, Coast to Coast AM is a great radio broadcast. Tune in to FM 105.1 to stay up to date on recent paranormal and supernatural finds, or visit host George Noory's website for info on all the latest broadcasts and streaming radio here:



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