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Evil ( walk in the light).

Updated on September 13, 2016

Me and my Baby Sister Young Bongi.



Evil is clothed in deception.

‎He is brave and dumb.

She is beautiful, cunning and unfaithful.
Love has the price tag of a broken heart.

Trust no one, not even your own thoughts.
Nirvana learks where mania unveils her majesty.

Count your blessings, mistakes have the sole purpose of lessons.

The past lurks, like a dingy scent, yesterday is only a memory away.

Make your days pleasant filled with time for the things you love.

No one is promised tomorrow, today this very moment is all we really have, treasure her, stimulate her, arose her integrity surely with the grace of TIME you shall know if you are in good hands.

The greatest curse is to betray self, all you stood for the promise you made to God.To neglect the gift of life, is the corrosion of sanity. ‎A mad man is faithful to the fruits of convince.Erratic, panic, the lack of stability, the death of demise.

Are you happy?

Do you still have unfulfilled dreams.As long as you have life, there are new thoughts, there is more to be discovered?

Would you settle for a broken dream?‎I don't trust my own thoughts, I am far too kind.

Perhaps misfortune is laced with seed of endurance which strengthen the spirit.




God's Poet Nkosi

‎Young Black Dillinger

Lucifers Angel

Uncle Nathi ‎


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