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Excavating Pearls of Sacred Sensual Sexual Artistic Pleasure from the Paradisiacal Unconscious

Updated on October 17, 2010

MODE of Cosmic Therapy; Exploring Unconscious Sexuality

 Unconscious Paradise
Unconscious Paradise

MODE of cosmic Therapy: Freeing Ourselves from Intrusively Imposed Established Self-Limiting Morality

In all actuality, who do we talk to the most? Why, ourselves, of course! No one even comes close to the amount of hours we invest in continual uninterrupted inner dialogue. Some of the conversation is meaningful, pertinent, intelligent and relevant but a lot of it is simply gibberish chattering.

A lot of it is negative, demoralizing, chastising, condescending, intimidating, and patronizing. We’ve grown quite accustomed to the hum drum insistent buzzing of the infused droned “all the ways we are so “BAD” ‘pecking of word order.’ It gets a little old, tiring, redundant, nauseas, demanding…

We pay very little attention to the comforting, soothing, (everything is alright) ‘still small voice’. Why? Because we’re much too busy. We have things to do. People to see, places to go and [let us not forget], indelible good impressions to make.

Our minds are bombarded with useless gobble-d-gook for no other purpose than to lull us to sleep while keeping our hands and feet busily grasping and trotting.

We’re all, supposedly, going somewhere…but, Where? Isn’t it sort of ironically (strangely/relevantly) funny that without the letter “W”, the word ‘here’ is located in the same proximity? There is so much spastic energetic movement in the letter, “W”; in addition to the mirroring of an upside down “M”.

I suppose it all depends which way you are headed up or down, huh? Needless to say, it could be there’s such indiscriminate restless motion taking place in the direct vicinity of “HERE” pointing directly to an indication of merited significance. Maybe, a remote possibility exists: electrical charges are being transported (through the blood) in significant unconscious esoteric psychological relevant messages.

 Could be that the subconscious ‘up and down’ super highway of directing unconscious activity resides within the paradisiacal brain/spinal cord?

In other words, the vibrating “W” if directed on the outside, will lead us astray and away from the inner vault of esoteric wisdom to any ‘where’ but redeeming solace, abiding awareness and indispensable truth. Another more eloquently defined term may be “peace that passes all understanding.”

In one way or another, we are all seeking, designed for, manufactured by and imbued with the undeniable need/desire for ‘paradise.’ We undoubtedly believe it, no matter what our religious, spiritual and cultural views embrace.

We innately know that we are part of something so grand it defies the imagination. And, though we may appear to be lacking because of not having attained its mastery, we inherently discern we can not be separated from that which formed and fashioned our essence.

 We are, Masters Of divine Essence who have simply forgotten our celestial heritage. In doing so, we have also neglected to remember ‘where’ paradise reigns supreme. Did not the great master Jesus proclaim: “the Kingdom of God is within you?”

If that be the case, then maybe our sense of incurable desolation and despair originates from having inadvertently thought we lost that sanctified abode in the first place.

The truth is: we do feel alienated, desolate and alone. Try as we might, we’re never fully able to relinquish an abiding sense of guilt, remorse, regret and shame. Why?

 Because we have definitely lost our connection with our divine self who resides in the deepest part of our gut: way down in the hollow pit, the dark hole, the unmentionable gutter of our human bodies. Now, IF I am not mistaken, there is an identifiable term for that region of prohibited domain: the unconscious.

Unthinkable as the idea may be, we can not be extricated from the most basic part of our brain regulated natures.

This foreboding prohibited dungeon encases our precious, though ruthlessly determined soul. It is ‘here’ ‘where’ all manner of perverted distorted vague misrepresented unprocessed sacred sensual sexual artistic compost ‘lies in waiting’ (well, in reality; imprisoned) for transmigration and proper use, application and regeneration.

In order to be transfigured back into a deliriously implausible being of elevated light, we must descend into the darkest regions of our soul to set the captive spirit free.

Balance is what we aspire to. Perfect Balance can only be achieved by having experienced both sides and transcended their lure. Emerson said so poignantly: “The height of the sail is dependent upon the base.” (paraphrased) In other words, our idealized ascent is determined and governed by the courage, faith and conviction to descend into the deepest depths of our unknown selves to return liberated.

 Few would argue or debate that sexuality holds the number one spot in the premeditated race on earth. Since, “Sexuality is the highest form of spirituality available to mankind’, the all-consuming plunge would require an unshakable devotion. Scaling Mt.Everest in flip flops and a tee shirt would be easily and more readily attained.

Why? Because we have so many pre-conceived ideas {thoughts} about sex, its function and ‘where’ its appropriate and proper place should be. Sex holds the number one celebrated spot in inexplicable pleasure’s yacht race. Under no circumstances does it have any intention of releasing the favored decorated title.

Another way of stating the same concept; we feel in the wrong about enjoying something so much, so often, so many times. So we invent things: institutions, laws, rules, ethics, and conscience to make it alright to feel good about wanting to engage ‘legal or not’, in sexual pleasure.

Now for the real kicker! Sexual activity is completely innocent. [100% unadulterated untainted pure raw sanctified artistic energy exudes out of every single pore in our bodies.] There is no way to be residing on earth and not be radiating its brilliant effervescent sublime fervor. It’s what makes us and every other living organism exist!

So am I saying that the soul is Sexual? You bet your sweet intoxicated ceremony of the most fervent prayers, I am! Sacred Sensual Sexual Artistic Energy pours forth from the soul who resides in the dark unconscious province.

The unconscious is also ‘where’ intuitiveness, psychic ability, spiritual manifestation, and all unspeakable glorious pleasures of mystery reside. The unconscious is totally irreversibly innocent! Blameless, childlike, guileless and unblemished! So how did it get such a bad rap? (Misguided interpretation.) Whose? Ours.

 Returning to the original principle of where: “W’ “Here”: paradise lost (though separation) and regained (through self-unity) within. To come to earth fully equipped by carrying immeasurable divinity within makes for a remarkably humbling experience. We are literally learning how to be human and the ONLY way to do that is through the sacred sensual innocent sexual artistic energy implanted deep within the unconscious.

We are co-creators with the divine. We are here to create what we will. But we must first overcome our own fixed, biased, polluted ideas about sex, money, power and death. We’ve got it all wrong. We somehow turned the “W” into an outer activity (no grounding) instead of the “M” (preparation) for inner consecration

Once the energy, soul, spirit, innocent sacred sensual sexual artistic force is extracted and set free, by excavating the rare exquisitely beautiful sensually graceful sexually imbued artistic latent talent, (hide not thy talent beneath a bushel) the “M” and “W” will in fact be used as the mirroring vibration to change us all “in a twinkling of an eye.”



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      Hello, hello, 7 years ago from London, UK

      Thank you for an interesting hub. It really gives you something to think about.