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Exciting World War II Weekend at Mid-Atlantic Air Museum, Reading, PA Every June

Updated on April 23, 2018
Maren Morgan M-T profile image

participates in historic re-enacting groups and has been known to lift a foot to jitterbug at the Saturday night dance at this event.

Nurse Re-enactor at MAAM WW II Weekend

It's fun to go back in time.
It's fun to go back in time. | Source

It's Always 1944

The Mid-Atlantic Air Museum of Reading, Pennsylvania is(called MAAM for short) is the place to be every first weekend in June. During the 3-day weekend, World War II is remembered and commemorated at the air museum at Reading,'s airport.

What started as a rather small regional affair over 27 years ago is now a re-enactor's paradise bringing in guests and participants from all over the country. The number of participants and scenarios portraying nearly every country and every experience of the era seems to increase yearly. One thing a visitor can depend on, though, is that it will be the summer of 1944 when one passes through the gates.

More and More Re-enactors Participate

I remember the first one I attended (I'm a local.) It was organized with a few swing bands, a live radio re-enacting troupe, a few United States service re-enactors (including a modest field hospital), a few vendors and a few period airplanes. The focus was on the planes.

I remember that I was shocked that three young lads came to that early festival costumed in German Nazi uniforms. At the time, it seemed very daring to me - albeit I admitted to myself and to them that ,of course, Nazis were part of the WW II story. However, the rest of the weekend at that time was extremely oriented to U.S. military.

This is no longer the case. In my mind, neither planes nor the 48-star-flagged U.S.A. are the focus (despite the MAAM focus on aircraft.) Instead, it is on the time travel into the past for ALL the groups.

The WW II week-end draws re-enactors of all the Allies and many of the Axis troops. There is a re-created French village full of citizens sipping wine at the cafe in which a battle is re-played several times. One sees kilted officers and many companies of historically authentic Nazis (still gives me the willies to see shiny black German cars with neat swastika flags at the corners. My mind automatically mentally plays the God-awful sound of the Gestapo sirens.) And, now re-enacting participants attend in a Japanese military uniforms.

There is also a home front display and, of course, constant old-time authentic radio broadcasts by the SOAP radio actors. This dedicated group puts in a tremendous effort to keep the live entertainment rolling for three days. By the way, everything they perform is from real scripts of the era. I wonder if there will be a draft board at some point or a conscientious objector re-enactor?

A Restored Corsair

Corsairs were  heavily utilized on aircraft carriers in the Pacific theater.
Corsairs were heavily utilized on aircraft carriers in the Pacific theater. | Source

The Airplanes

Of course, there are restored working airplanes. Local residents get to see and hear them buzzing overhead on the Thursday before the official opening. That's when participants are setting up and the planes are arriving from all over the country. The sound of a 1940's propeller plane certainly takes me back in time. For a hefty price, one can take a ride in one of these beauties.

WWII Era Communications Equipment

The Axis and Allied troops come to WW II weekend at MAAM.
The Axis and Allied troops come to WW II weekend at MAAM. | Source

The WWII Veterans

Also, several American WW II vets who have written books attend and sit in a shaded hangar to talk with guests. Additionally there are groups such as the John W. Brown Liberty ship folks ( this was a Merchant Marine ship - those sailors get little credit for facing danger taking supplies to our forces all over the world) and AmericanWWII Orphans Network, an organization devoted to preserving the memory of fallen parents never known by the infants they left behind.

Parking Is Tough, All Else Is Great

The parking takes a while. Imagine a trip to Disney World with lots stretching forever and shuttle buses transporting guests to the actual event. Now replace the macadam lots with grassy fields and you have a picture of what parking is. Plan on 30 minutes to get from your car into the weekend. After that, all is rather smooth. Everything is well-organized and signs are everywhere.

Caveat: plan to deal with the weather. Air conditioning is NOT part of the WW II atmosphere.

If you plan to go, bring lots of memory for your camera!

True Story Involving American Corsairs

Danger's Hour: The Story of the USS Bunker Hill and the Kamikaze Pilot Who Crippled Her
Danger's Hour: The Story of the USS Bunker Hill and the Kamikaze Pilot Who Crippled Her
When viewing the Corsair planes at WWII weekend, I recalled this well-researched history of the events on both the Japanese and US sides in this kamikaze attack. Corsairs were the planes crammed on the decks of American aircraft carriers and which ultimately made fire and explosions more likely. A friend's father died in this attack and is mentioned in the book.

© 2011 Maren Elizabeth Morgan


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