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Existence Explained Via Numbers

Updated on June 22, 2017

The Author Writing Something, May, 2013

The Cause

I must have been born a genius or with a special calling because while being taught positive and negative numbers in the seventh grade I challenged the teacher that there are only zero whole numbers after he instructed us that every number added to a negative of equal value becomes zero. The teacher denied it but I refused to give up my statement’s logic and I have now reasoned with it until truth was revealed.

The reason man count in halves is people are incomplete as calling us “human” – hewed out of man – and “woman” – woven from man – shows. Being incomplete, most man, at this time, see half things as wholes because when anything is taken from another it leaves both incomplete so their thoughts are incomplete. Human and woman believe they are whole but are incomplete, by body design they are but not intellectually, because the man they were part of is no longer whole, like the Adam who Eve supposedly came from are both woman. Man is defined as “mind able to comprehend all things” and most of us can't is why we are human and woman, thus, none of the three terms are genders, they are mental characteristic of man, human and woman thinks in halves or less while man think holistically.

The Adam/Eve metaphor represents the rising of this civilization’s that was completed at the great flood. Genesis 1:26-28 called both genders man and Adam, the single man instructed not to eat “the knowledge of good and evil,” who dreamt someone came out of him are woman. A serpent, Matthew 10:16 suggests was a wise man, showed Eve some opposites in existence and, not having been given instructions not to, she judge them by her sense perceptions and encouraged Adam to accept her assessments to like and dislike them. To him that was not the same as good and evil he had been instructed not to eat, thus, since Genesis 6:1-2 called some people at the flood the sons of god Adam symbolized chapter one’s man and the daughters of men was symbolized by Eve are Adam and Eve and their descendants which completed civilization’s rise.

We should recognize the foregoing because generally we don’t call things by their nomenclatures but by our sense perceived “judgmental adjectives” of good/evil, right/wrong, pretty/ugly and others in describing them. That perpetuates the partial though process of our vision that sees only 180 degrees or less between our left and right sides even after turning our heads. Without our thoughts limited to 180 degrees we would mentally catalog the various smells, tastes, sights, feelings and hearing, like dogs and other animals, and remember them with our limited taste, smell, feeling, hearing and mentally see holistically by the remembering. Thus, human and woman are unable to perceive our numbering from the whole vantage point and recognize half numbers as whole without realizing zero is the only whole number one divides and the other numbers divide the positive and negative halves.


Westerners read and write from left to right and top to bottom so I’m using the top down method to explain Mathematics.

When counting we began at one, count to nine, inserts a zero placement digit below the nine and a one on its left in beginning another column then the right column goes again from one to nine before placing the number two in the left column and again count nine in the right column. That process continues until nines are in both columns appearing as ninety-nine. Both nines are then replaced with zeros and another left column begins with one to become 999 before adding another left column to continue the process to infinity. That’s why it is said, “there is an infinite number of whole numbers” but is not truth counting holistically. Like said above, there is an existing zero that’s ignored before the first one divides it into halves and the succeeding number divides the halves. Numbers do not lie, neither in half or whole math, and is why human use alphabets in algebra through calculus for revealing what whole counting shows clearly.

Some known examples of whole counting are “the football” and “the rugby fields” that begin at the goal as zero, they count half the field like the half counting but at midfield the counting decreases as it approaches the opposite goal. That scenario represents a circle which together the goals represent the starting point of zero. The numbers to the fifty-yard line the yards are negative – loosing – being in the offence’s territory, the 50-yard lines are neutral and counting beyond it turns positive – receiving – yards gained in the defense’s territory. As they gain their opponent’s yards the opponents’ count is negative and their goal is the completion of the circle. Thus, the fields represent a circle with the goal lines being a single zero where the counting starts and ends.

Counting has to form an infinity symbol for numbers to be infinite. To form it we place a zero looking like a yin/yang symbol above the first one through nine – it’s already there unconsciously – and zero below the nine then add a one on its left representing how many times the series has been gone through. Subconsciously we should recognize a negative (-) number to the right that changes with every completion of the center nine makes the written first nine look like +1- through +9-, number ten would look like 1+0-1 maintaining the starting column, 100 like 10+0-01, 1000 is 100+0-001 until we reach, let’s say 750+8-057. That is how it would look when not forming the infinity, but they must divide to form infinity.

A Yin/Yang is usually a half black/half white ball with a smaller circle in it of the other half’s color, which, if twisted at the curving – curving representing a ball – middle line forms a laying down 8 infinity symbol when counting holistically. Make the laying eight a yin/yang for joining the laying eight’s halves with the smaller circles being near the curved line of it. From there the numbers forming the infinity appear to lean outward forming two circles of numbers, positive to the left and negative to the right that reenter the ball on the unseen side. Thus, when the numbers become parallel with the yin/yang’s horizontal center the numbers takes on the opposite polarity from what was below it making the left’s positive become negative and digits smaller while the right’s negative become positive as the digits gets greater. It’s like electricity going into an appliance, the negative leaving the generator is considered positive at the appliance and leaves it becomes negative to return to the generator positive but we have no appliance.

As said, it appears the numbers separate when leaving the yin/yang by curling in the two directions but they don’t because they are going in opposite directions. The positive numbers exits the right yin while the negatives enter the left yang on the same side. That makes +1- through +9- be written +11 to +7508 leaving on the left and entering on the right. At ten they began to be written 1+0-1 to the 750+8-057 above but would actually look like 750+8 below and 8-057 above and the reverse on the left. Therefore, on the back left side of the Yin/Yang we have 750+8 reducing itself as 8-057 to 0-1 entering the left and the increasing from -1 to 8-057 exiting the right half of the yin/yang ball’s blindside dots. What serves as appliances in electricity is the twist and when it enters the yin/yang the flow makes a “U-turn” to exit the other half. Unlike the infinity we recognize, the circulation of numbers do not make a complete circle in one half of the yin/yang and exit the other half by crossing the other direction of flow, instead they forms a near circle with the opposing polarities forcing the exit of the other same polarity half out of the yin or yang that produces the ever-changing infinity's appearance.


I am able to articulate this because I have gone through the initial requirement of the metamorphosis for reversing the Adam and Eve morph of man’s mind into human and woman mentalities called “born again” in the Bible. I’ve reintegrated my yin into my yang that Adam, Eve and those dying during great flood (Genesis 2:17) represent, a morph that divided man-en-mass’ Yin from Yang to produce human and woman.

The statement in “Counting” suggests existence was never created; only what man or other similar beings create within existence has creators. We generally call existence “universe” but because of the foregoing I’ve renamed it “Zeroverse” and use the metaphor of “the Phoenix” to explain why. It suggests the “Sunbird” lives an extended period of time doing nothing before building a nest and burns to ashes. The story does not say it remains ashes for the same period of time it was the bird nor imply the Phoenix’s ashes becomes an egg, I am, but it does say out of the ashes it is reborn.

There is also the belief in a contracting and expanding “Zeroverse” which the Phoenix shows it never has had a beginning but something equivalent to a day [Genesis 1:14] with an evening [pre-light time], a morning [time of light] and two transitions between them. That is saying there is a period when the Zeroverse is so contracted it’s details are undetectable, as it would be if night had no stars, moon or other forms of light, when the Phoenix becomes ashes. My introducing the ashes becoming an egg shows a transition from ashes to the Sunbird while the Phoenix’s building the nest and burning itself up is a transition back to the contracted state. Thus, when using the things made (Romans 1:20) and written metaphors, the Bible’s concept of “in the beginning” should be recognized as “in beginning” meaning it is metaphors, allegories, parables, symbol/types (MAPS) prophecies revealing the Zeroverse as a infinity in motion that was never created nor will it never end.


The Zeroverse operates in cycles and human/woman’s sense perceptions cause us to reject one half which prevents our seeing holistically and because of our half views we are confused and subject ourselves to human leadership that dictate to us what is in our best interest. Man-en-mass are human/woman who “know in part and … prophesy in part but when that which is perfect is come, then that which is in part shall be done away” (1 Corinthians 13:9-10) as the foregoing holistic counting should reveal to those destined – i.e., having reincarnated enough to have experience and engraved every conceivable human/woman experience onto our life-forces – to reintegrate our femininity/yin into our masculinity/yang to stop judging and see holistically. So it’s time for all who are to become whole to “come out of” human/woman’s palaces full of divisions – home of the Buddha until age 29 – and go through the fire like the Buddha (Genesis 3:24) for purifying our minds so the sword can severed us from all attachments enabling us to become whole for entering the self-reproducing garden (Genesis 2:15) and regaining “dominion powers” (Genesis 1:28) over earth and all hereon for achieving what is called “everlasting life”.


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