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Existence Explained Via Numbers

Updated on February 20, 2018
The0NatureBoy profile image

Educated by farms, lawn, newsboy, sales, USAF, construction, trucker, telephone jobs, life experiences & metal & wood in 12 yrs. of school.

The Author Writing Something, May, 2013

The Cause

I must have been born with a special calling because while being taught positive and negative numbers in the seventh grade I challenged the teacher’s saying zero is the only whole numbers after instructing us that every number added to a negative of equal value becomes zero. The teacher denied it but I refused to give up the logic of my statement and have now reasoned until it revealed the understanding.

The reason man count in halves is they call themselves “human” (hewed out of man) and “woman” (woven from man) saying they are incomplete man who see things in halves or less. The reason is when anything is taken from another both are incomplete making thus their thought and vision patterns are incomplete. By body design Human appear and consider themselves whole but their minds are incomplete because the man they were part of is no longer whole. Man is defined “a mind able to comprehend all things” yet most of us can't is why we are human and woman. Neither of those terms are genders, they are mental characteristic of man, human and woman think in halves or less while man think holistically.

The Adam and Eve metaphor represents “first light” of this civilization completed at the great flood. The book called both genders man and Adam but the single man was instructed not to eat the knowledge of good and evil and dreamt someone came out of him he called woman. A serpent, symbolizing a wise man, showed Eve some of existence’s opposites and, not having been given instructions not to, judge them by sense perceptions then encouraged Adam to accept the assessments of like and dislike. To Adam that was not the same as good and evil as he had been instructed not to, so, at the great flood the people called sons of god Adam became the symbol for, chapter one’s man, and those called daughters of men Eve became the symbol for were Adam and Eve’s descendants completing civilization’s rise.

We should recognize the foregoing because generally we don’t call things by their nomenclatures but by sense perceived “judgmental adjectives” like good/evil and the others when describing things. That perpetuates a partial though process that narrows the mental vision to only180 degrees or less from left to right. Without those thought limits woman could mentally catalog the various feelings, sights, smells, sounds, and tastes like other animals and by remember them be man seeing holistically by intuitively visualizing the whole 360 degrees. Thus, human’s perceiving numbers as whole keeps them from recognize all numbers are halves especially by not seeing zero is the only whole number.


Westerners read and write from left to right and top to bottom so I’m using the top down method to explain counting.

Counting begins at one, counts to nine, inserts a zero as a placement digit below it, add a one to the left of the column and begin another nine count in the right to nine before placing a two in the left column to again count to nine in the right. It continues until nines are in both columns forming ninety-nine then both nines are then replaced with zeros and another left column begins following the foregoing until 999 and continues to infinity. That’s why it is often said, “there is an infinite number of whole numbers” but is not truth that all numbers being whole. They do not lie in half nor whole counting and, I suppose since I know nothing beyond Algebra, is why human use alphabets in algebra through calculus for revealing what whole counting shows.

Two examples of using whole counting are “football” and “rugby” fields. The goals are zero where the count increasing until midfield then decreases as they approach the opposite goal. That’s an open circle with the goals representing the zero starting point. From a goal to the 50-yard line the yards are lost or negative to the offence and positive to defense, past the 50 they become positive to the offenders and negative to the defenders. The 50-yard line is like the appliance to electricity that changes the negative from the generator to positive and the goal lines reverses it back for it to returns to the generator positive. Thus, the goal lines represent the infinity’s “Source Zero” or Yin/Yang ball.

Counting, then, must form an infinity symbol for numbers to be infinite. To form it we place a Yin/Yang symbol for the generator above the first one through nine, a zero below it and add a one on its left to represent how many nines the series has been through. Subconsciously we should recognize a negative number to the right that changes with every completion of the first nine making the written nine look like +1- through +9-, ten would look like 1+0-1 maintaining the starting column in the middle, 100 becomes 10+0-01 and on until we reach the 550 which looks like 55+0-55 leaving the infinity, so they must divide for form it.

A Yin Yang is usually a half black half white ball or zero with a smaller circle on each side of the curving line between the two haves and forms the laying down 8-infinity symbol when twisted along the curving line. Without twisting it into the 8 the tiny circles are near that line on each side where the numbers exit on the one side and enter on the other to cause the numbers to form the two circles. If we follow the above counting the positive are to the left and negative to the right to enter the ball or “Source Zero” to form infinity. When the numbers become parallel with the symbol’s external horizontal center they take on the opposite polarity from what was below it. The left’s increasing positives become decreasing negatives as the digits decrease and the right’s negatives become increasing positive digits which require a “U Turn” when they enter the reverse of the “Source Zero” to exit on the same side.

Why A U Turn

There is no thing else outside or inside of infinity therefore there is no opposite to attract.

I’ve wondered why a day’s transition was changed from visual sunset to dark, when the most man will see it, to midnight when only an extensive knowledge of the stars or the mechanical clock reveals it. Reasoning with for the presenting of this revelation I have two things to relate infinity’s design to, a day and year. A day’s noon and midnight is the times the least people notice the transition where as at first light to sunrise and sunset to dark the masses see it, so in making infinity’s ball represent noon and midnight the infinity’s “Zero” means it happens when fewer people see it and means the exterior parallel transitions represent the transitions to dark and light which is viewed by man-en-mass the year.

To use the seasons of the year to explain the above revealed numbers infinity shows it doesn’t cross in the “Source Zero” and makes positive flow into Yang and out of Yin on the bottom side and negative flows into Yin and out of Yang on the the up side. Generators and magnets have “flux lines” enter or exit the same ends creating opposites attraction while an actual infinity has no attractions. Electricity has the current flowing negative leaving the generators to positive into appliances and negative from appliances into positive returning causes opposite attraction we don’t need with the infinity. Therefore Spring or beginning the learning process flows into of the bottom of the Yang, U Turns into Summer or state of enlightenment flowing out of Yin that turn into Fall or going into ignorance which enters the top of Yin where it U Turns leaving Yang as Winter or ignorance to be transformed back into the learning process of Spring outside of the “Source Zero”.


Adam and Eve morphed their mind into woman was man’s “first birth” like the egg out of which tadpoles are born. That is why the Bible required being “born again” like the tadpole becoming a frog for reintegrating Yin into Yang as Adam, Eve and those dying in great flood represent. Yes, it was a morph that divided man-en-mass’ Yin from Yang producing human and woman or “man unable to comprehend all things” since man mean “minds able to comprehend all things” with neither being genders. Counting makes the foregoing suggest existence was never created while man and all other manifestations had a life-force to create them.

We generally call existence “universe” but because of the foregoing I renamed it Zeroverse using the metaphor of “the Phoenix” to explain why. The Sunbird lives an extended period of time doing nothing then builds a nest and burns itself to ashes. The story does not say it remains ashes for the same period of time as the bird nor imply the ashes becomes an egg, I am, but it does say out of those ashes it is reborn which makes the processes morphing.

There is also the belief in a contracting and expanding Zeroverse that using the Phoenix shows has never needed a beginning since it functions something like a day with an evening (pre-light time) and morning (time of light) and transitions between them. That says there is a period when the Zeroverse is so contracted that no details are detectable as it would be if night had no stars, moon or other forms of light that happens when the Phoenix is ashes. Introducing the ashes becoming an egg shows a transition from them to the Sunbird, and the Phoenix’s building the nest for burning itself up is a transition back to a contracted state. Thus, when using the things made and written metaphors the concept of in the beginning is shown it should be recognized as in beginning that metaphors, allegories, parables, symbol and types reveals it was never creation nor ending and the Zeroverse is an infinity in motion.

I want rot know if It needs editing for more clarity.

Is the foregoing well explained?

See results


The Zeroverse operates in cycles but human and woman’s sense perceptions cause them to reject half that prevents their seeing holistically. Due to their half viewing they are confused and subject themselves to human leaders who dictate to them what is their best interest. Man-en-mass know in part and prophesy in part but will become whole seeing beings during their last incarnation as earthen sojourners. This holistic counting reveals few are destined to reintegrate their feminine Yin into their masculine Yang and stop judging for seeing holistic. Now in the time for all who are to become whole to come out of world palaces, like the Buddha, full of divisions and go through the mind purifying fire and the sword for severing you from attachments to embody wholeness necessary for entering the self-reproducing garden to regain dominion over earth and all hereon.

Have you any comments? Please, let me know what you think.

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    • The0NatureBoy profile imageAUTHOR

      Elijah A Alexander Jr 

      20 months ago from Washington DC

      Thank you, REME, for stopping by. I think I still need a little more work on it work, it is still a work in progress. My mind tells me there's something needed to be added so I'm waiting until I get what it is before adding it.

    • REME JEAN LOUIS profile image


      20 months ago from MONTREAL, QC

      So profound and well explained, but I will read the article again. Be blessed and keep fulfilling your life mission!


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