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Exopolitics & My Life

Updated on December 22, 2010

Hello & Welcome, That's Me.....

A Picture of Myself, so that you know who you are reading about.
A Picture of Myself, so that you know who you are reading about.

Exopolitics & Why I Created This Hub.....

Dear Readers,

Hello & Welcome to my hub 'Exopolitics In My Life.' The meaning and purpose of this hub is to share my life experiences with you about how my life dramatically changed in September 1999 when my consciousness was taken to a new level due to being contacted by what what the world regards as 'Extraterrestrials' or 'Star Visitors'. This contact is still ongoing and is of a mainly positive and benign nature by what I regard as highly developed spiritual beings that are currently engaged in many healing activities on and around the earth / gaia.

Since my very own 'first contact' I have had many inspiring and uplifting experiences and have engaged in work both professional and private that seeks to heal gaia environmentally, morally and spiritually, for that is the basic premise of the messages that the Star Visitors give to us.

It should be noted that the term 'Exopolitics' deals with the nature of Politics, Government and Law in this very evolved and wondrous Universe and how the key actors, processes, and institutions that drive politics at both the local, national and international level can be indirectly related to an Extraterrestrial / Star Visitor presence on our planet. This has not been disclosed to the general public nor to most publicly elected officials since at least the Roswell UFO crash in 1947, if not before.

I have spent some ten years researching this fascinating subject area and now feel that it is time as we approach the year 2012 to reveal to you how Exopolitics, Extraterrestrials / Star Visitors, and My Life Experiences interact and continue to shape my life. It should be noted that as a result of my experiences I have been given a diagnosis of 'bipolar-disorder or manic depression' by mental health professionals who in many ways from a medical perspective are quite correct, but still do not fully understand the true spiritual nature of my contact experiences which they very mildly have accepted.

I would like us all to awaken to a whole new world with open hearts and open minds that is ecologically, morally and spiritually balanced and in harmony with wider Universal Society. Indeed I believe that this is a journey that we are all on together as one people of one earth that is gradually moving towards a 'Star Trek' future.

With warm regards,

Carl R Hussey.            

My Life Story So Far & How Exopolitics Came Into My Life.....

Mental Health Awareness at University: A Personal Story of Self-Empowerment.

Transcript from a Presentation I delivered to UK University Careers Advisers in 2007.

Good morning and thank-you for your kind introductions. As you are probably aware I am employed by Staffordshire University in a student support capacity assisting undergraduate disabled students with their degree studies. I am also currently involved in advisory and public policy work with Newcastle-under-Lyme Citizens Advice Bureau. First and foremost I want to thank both organisations for putting me back on the ‘chess board of life’ after experiencing quite a few difficult years in the recovery phase of my condition, bi-polar disorder or manic depression. The excellent BBC documentary ‘The Secret Life of the Manic Depressive’ with Stephen Fry clearly highlights the condition in the best possible light.

I don’t want to go too far into the history of my life in dealing with this condition but let me assure you that despite all the dark and lonely days that I have sometimes endured I would now not be without it at all. My purpose here today is to briefly narrate to you my experiences of dealing with this as a student at Keele University between 1997 and 1999 when I was in the pre-diagnosis phase of my life.

It would be fair to say that my time at Keele I found to be most difficult and I would probably not have achieved my degree had I not lived at home with my parents during my studies. Back then I was afraid to seek help due to the stigma associated with declaring mental health issues and the resultant effect it may have upon my undergraduate work and future career prospects. As a result I pursued a course of ‘burying my head in the sand,’ devoting my time to studying for my business degree and working part-time away from the academic community, which at times I felt to be a little too insular and detached from my own version of the ‘real world.’

Looking back I am happy with this course of action and will always be grateful for the support given by my family and close friends, especially my father who as a business motivational speaker helped me enormously to get through those very difficult years. However, it is clear that not all students at University will be afforded the luxury of the support I was given from my parents. Students will often be dealing with mental health problems in isolation away from home at various universities up and down the country.

Such mental health problems may come from a variety of pressures such as family pressure to succeed at university, peer group pressure to fit in with university social life norms and once leaving university, individual organisational and work related pressures which may not have been resolved fully while at university.

It is my wish that students leave university with greater clarification of their future aspirations and goals in life and clearly student support services have a crucial role to play in this process.

My advice to students experiencing difficulties would be first to seek help from the counselling services if you feel overwhelmed with the university experience and then to possibly reconsider your options with regards to various aspects of your life, including academic studies. I do remember towards the end of my 3rdyear sitting in the careers service feeling quite frankly mentally exhausted and unable to consider my options after university due to the enormous strain I was then under. For me the careers service at Keele was most helpful 5 years ‘down the line’ after graduation when I had finally regained my psychological strength to move forward with my life.

Here at Staffordshire University the Mentor-Vista and Graduate Futures programmes can be most useful to students, especially those who are disabled, in helping them to build links with the working world post graduation. It would be fair to say that had I been presented with similar opportunities in 1999 I may not have had such a long time ‘out in the wilderness’ trying to make sense of what happened to me after graduation.

Travelling to the Far East and Australia after graduation was something that I felt compelled to do as I assumed that I needed time out to discover a small portion of the world and my inner-self. However my mind did not agree and after what I can only describe as a ‘profoundly spiritual experience’ (My own Exopolitics & Exoconsciousness journey began here in 1999) in Thailand I was hospitalised in Sydney, Australia. It is my hope that other individuals do not have to experience what I went through so far from home. I will endeavour to use my experiences of living with bipolar to guide other people experiencing mental health difficulties away from possible hospitalisation, which should always be a last resort.

University support services have an important role to play in the delaying and hopefully avoidance of such hospitalisation and local organisations such as the ‘North Staffordshire Safe Spaces Network’ have a vital role to play in a student’s mental well being. Such services can provide the distressed student with a safe and supportive environment where information and assistance can be given in a relaxed atmosphere to hopefully help resolve the crisis. Again I wish that such services had been available when I most needed this level of support, which acts as a vitally important catalyst for individual self-empowerment.

Clearly psychiatry has a large part to play in the debate over mental health reform initiatives and the reconsideration of the power dynamic that currently exists between the client and professional responsible for a person’s mental well being.

In my considered opinion university support services play a vital role in assisting students to achieve their full potential and manage their problems before they reach a critical stage. The change from the medical model to the social model of disability in 2005 has helped considerably, but there is still a lot more to be done if individuals are to fully recover and effectively self manage their mental health problems.

Conferences such as this are extremely useful in raising the profile of mental health awareness, which for too long has remained in the shadows as something not to be discussed in public. After careful consideration of the literature regarding mental health issues, be it by mental health charities, government departments and parliamentary groups or other key mental health organisations, you will find that these are exciting times to be involved in the process of mental health reform initiatives.

From a personal perspective I look back at what I have been through sometimes with sadness but most often with a sense of pride and personal achievement, that I managed to come through a difficult ‘rite of passage’ so that I can finally stand up and give talks to people like yourselves about my experiences and hopes and dreams for the future.

To conclude I do not think that I would have been attracted to this area of work had it not been for my experiences of living with bi-polar disorder, which I feel has given me a unique insight into the psyche of the human mind and a greater awareness of the difficulties people and students face as they journey through life and the university experience. May I wish you all the best of luck in your work as career advisers and counsellors to bright young minds that are the future of our society. Nurture them, guide them, and listen to them but most of all I hope that I have provided an insight into the understanding process of working with students with mental heath issues and the difficult problems we sometimes have to face.

Thank-you for listening.

My Comedic Interpretation of Exopolitics: BAAA:The British Association of Alien Abductees.....

Exopolitics In My Life Feedback.....

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