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Exploiting the Natural Resources of Earth. (What is the Price of Happiness? Sacrifice).

Updated on July 29, 2015



Exploiting the Natural Resources of Earth. (What is the Price of Happiness? Sacrifice).

Exploiting the Natural Resources of Earth.

(What is the Price of Happiness? Sacrifice).

Africa has the abundance of natural resources,

Gold Diamonds Platinum Game wild tame and


The West has the intellectual property the

industrial ‎knowledge machines and know how

Of how to refine natural resources.

The East.

Are the most spiritual with over a billion Buddhist

and over a billion Muslims.

They also have the largest and most cost effective

Work force.

Yet Humanity with all the wisdom we have social


Where is Society going?

What is the value of your life?

Our lives revolve around working to secure a

future for our family, which may take a lifetime

if our parents or grand parents did not leave us

heritage .

Yet do not become despondent, as long as you are alive

All else can fail you yet I will have faith in God

and the goodness of mankind.

So the riches of mankind, land property gold

money are abstracted from the core of the earth.

Through mining. Food culling of animals.

Yet why is it that money lies in the hands of the

Minority? Are we too lazy enrich our selves,or

Is the system designed to keep us indebted.

Personal growth is one of the greatest joys...

The Government of each country is supposed to

Protect and watch over the well being of its

People. Yet perhaps the role of governments

Has become redundant, as corruption and

extorting the taxes and wealth of the country

Is really what politicians excel at.

The United Nations we only hear their voice when

there ‎is a war.

Perhaps the people should govern themselves.

The monetary system and banks have failed

The elimination of Poverty.

We live in a stressful world.

Diseases mainly originate from stress and the

genetically ‎modified food we eat.

And the pressures of working more than 45

Hours a week for peanuts trying to keep up with

The Jones.


Is one of the greatest Gifts humanity has given to

the earth and the planet‎.

We should continue innovate drive bigger cars

Live in bigger homes and send our children to

better ‎schools.

Yet we should be conscious of how we spend our

money. Be aware of the contents in the food we

eat‎, making sure we are healthy and happy.

A violent society?

What and how do we handle domestic violence?

How do we rehabilitate criminals?

How do we uplift the misfortune of the poor?

How does one look forward to a new day when

today ‎is bleak?

Count your blessings and make means to make

sure ‎tomorrow will be brighter than today.

What is the Price of happiness? Sacrifice!!!!

We need to change educate the perception of the

global world community ignorance and

superstition ‎keep the mind in the dark and

Limits growth fueling fear and guilt.

Once a week do something that makes you happy.

Once a month show someone you love how much

you ‎value them and special their existence is to


Reflect at the end of the day on the highlight of

your day‎. Think about a moment that made you

doubt yourself and be aware and root out that


Laugh for absolutely no reason.

Smile reflecting being grateful for

this gift you have called life.

When do you see yourself in the next few years,

what obstacles may come in your way focus on

your strengths and follow your vision.

What are your Top 5 Dreams?

Are your dreams realistic?

Have you ever materialized a Dream?

How did that moment feel?

What makes you sad?

What are the roots of your unhappiness?

What circumstances draw you to your sadness?

How much time will it take for you to be happy?

At what cost?

What habits possess you?

Anything that consumes your time and money

Without adding financial or emotional value

Let go of it, it will only drain you with time.

Who do you believe in?

If WE believe in God.......

Who does God believe in? US

Gods Poet Nkosi


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