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Exploration Of The Universe! - Incredible Cosmic Journey By George O Abell

Updated on July 8, 2023
exploration of the universe - a book by george o abell
exploration of the universe - a book by george o abell

Our planet Earth is indeed a wonderful place. For ages, it has proven to be an ideal place for the formation and sustenance of life. But as civilizations grew and technology progressed, we have become aware that our planet is just a dot in a vast universe and that aside from what we have, there are also other planets all across the universe. Along with the increasing knowledge we get about the universe comes more and more still unanswered questions like the possibility of life on other planets and the existence of civilizations outside of what we are part of.

The long-term future of our planet as well as of the stars and the galaxies has attracted the interest of many mathematic geniuses and astronomers. The universe is so vast that many experts can’t help but think of the many possibilities as well as the dangers that lie beyond the confines of our planet. And although the mechanisms of heavenly bodies are like clockwork in terms of their regularity and seeming predictability, the truth is that most of the aspects of the solar system are more complex than one can imagine.

"Einsteins Of Music!" PinkFloyd has been My Music Of The Universe!

exploration of the universe Hubble's deep space
exploration of the universe Hubble's deep space | Source
exploration of the universe - blckholes
exploration of the universe - blckholes
exploration of the universe space journey
exploration of the universe space journey

Because of the possibility of life in other planets, many resources have been extended to continually increase the world’s knowledge of the universe. Researches and experiments that take years and years to complete are being done everyday. Many of the missions whether successful or not can be read in this book.  Scientists are working doubly hard in order to observe seemingly earth-like planets, and study the conditions that help form life. Their discoveries are of help to us as well as to future generations.

In Exploration of the Universe, the author takes one on a journey to the universe. The world of astronomy is fascinating and full of wonderful knowledge about our planet as well as the universe in which we are a part of. The author’s contributions to the world of science and to society are of great value. The stars, the moon, and the planets are within the reader’s reach.
Exploration of the Universe is a legendary astronomy book first written by George Abell of UCLA, and then continued and updated by Sidney Wolff and David Morrison. All three authors are important figures in the world of astronomy. Exploration of the Universe is considered as a valuable reference for many astronomy students since all the concepts are made easy to understand even by youngsters. 

There are no dull moments in Exploration of the Universe. The latest discoveries and most up-to-date theories are craftily weaved into the pages of this astronomy book. George Abell, David Morrison, and Sidney Wolff are all revered authorities in the field of astronomy. Their work is considered and will remain as a classic text for many years to come.  The use of simple, down to earth narrative with a comprehensive collection of knowledge is a good style that will keep readers entertained from the first page of Exploration of the Universe to the very last.

Exploration of the Universe is recommended for everyone who just wants to be entertained and enlightened about the world of astronomy.


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