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Eye Twitching, What Does It Mean?

Updated on December 1, 2011

I was driving to work this morning and all of a sudden my lower right eyelid started to twitch and it happen for a few seconds. It is very common to have eye twitching, it could happen to people all the time. For some people, they would say that eye twitching occur by a sudden increase of stress or sleeplessness. I do agree on that as I’ve been feeling extremely tired due to lack of sleep. At the same time, it will also reminded me of what the old generation always believes that there’s a meaning behind when our eye twitch!

For scientific point of view, there are three things that can cause an eye to twitch; stress, eye strain and allergies. Eye twitches come and go and for some cases it could last for weeks or even months. So, the best thing to do is to rest and relax and if that doesn’t work out, we need to seek an eye doctor.

We have the scientific explanation for eye twitching, but it is also very interesting to know how other cultures have different version of superstition believes to this problems. Whether it is your left or right eye twitch, they carry different meaning.

Malaysia for instance, is a multi-cultural country and the three major races are the Malays, Chinese and Indians. The Malays believed that a twitching right eye means there’s a chance of visiting someone close from far. A twitch on the left eye means they will cry.

For the Chinese, a twitch on the right eye hints good luck or maybe extra bonus and premium while a twitch on the left eye shows a bad sign. It means bad luck is coming your way!.The Indians are very strict when it comes to superstitions. Their believed is just the opposite of the Chinese. For Indians, twitching left eye is certainly a good sign. A twitching right eye considered gloomy.

Is there anything you can do when your eyelid twitches?

I manage to read somewhere over the internet about oldwives tales and believes for eye twitching. Their version, right eye twitches means there will soon be a birth in the family, left eye twitches means there will soon be a death in the family.

Now, if your eye twitches, what would you do?


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    • profile image

      mandie 2 years ago

      As a Xhosa Lady i believe its a Good sign is coming on my way.

    • profile image

      Mr. Tumor 2 years ago

      Eye Twitching, What Does It Mean?

      If your right eye us twitching means tumor on your left side of the brain.

      If your left eye us twitching means tumor on your right side of the brain.

      If both of them twitch. Not long left.

      Your dear Mr. Tumor

    • profile image

      jazzy 4 years ago

      Left eye twitch means something bad is going to happen and i think that is true it haven't let me down yet and the right could me a birth from what I'm reading but i think it means someone is talking about you

    • profile image

      manu 4 years ago

      I always get my eyes twitching now and then. Left eye= good things

      are on the way. Right eye= bad things are on the way.

      But when i gave birth to my baby, my right lower lid was twitching. may be right lower lid twitching are good for me. Right now also itw twitching, I heard my aunt is diagnosed with breast cancer.

    • profile image

      4 years ago

      It mean that it might be bad luck or good luck

    • profile image

      der Kumar 4 years ago

      right Eye fliking is good sign for boyes and bad sign for girl

      For boye Right-- extra bonous, walking, new frindes meeting, job permo. salary hike or some good news

      For Left-- Tension, some body enter in your personal life, expend extra time for work with out meaning or no result, mony destroyed, bad news getting, going far to your home for more time

    • profile image

      Nicole 5 years ago

      I think that when your left or right eye twiches a girl or boy likes and is think about you or it could mean that someone is speaking bad about you