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FAKE Fluidism - Artists Claiming Fluidism Art NOT Real FLUIDISM Artists

Updated on August 29, 2011

A few artists stretch the word, “fluidism”, so thin that they misrepresent the word, and they falsify their own art. They disregard and disable a proper definition of fluidism art. These artists are NOT true fluidism artists.

True fluidism by Robert Kernodle - ASPECT 120
True fluidism by Robert Kernodle - ASPECT 120

The Issue

I believe in using words in the most effective manner. Lately, I have noticed inaccurate, shallow, or superficial uses of the word, “fluidism”, where art is concerned. These ineffective uses of the word, “fluidism”, stand out even more, because I consider “fluidism” MY pet word whose meaning I have taken pains (over the years) to establish as, “an art style that directly involves manipulating fluid dynamic forms in real, tangible fluid mixtures.”

Words are a verbal art that should mirror the visual counterparts to which they apply as clearly as possible. Visual artists, thus, are wise to choose words carefully to categorize their art styles, becoming as accomplished in providing civilization with good verbal tags as they are in providing civilization with good visual artifacts.

NOT True Fluidism Artists

In a previous article, I have listed some of who I believe the true fluidism artists are. Now I feel compelled to list some of who I believe the true fluidism artists are NOT, who claim that they are [click on names to follow links]:

I am not listing these artists to discourage them from pursuing their own visceral, visual talents. I am listing these artists to encourage all artists to use better labels within an art culture that has suffered first from a naïve, postmodern, deconstructionist condemnation of words and second from the resultant, malignant misuse of words, when the actual, practical, functional need for words later arises.

“Fluidism” is NOT a label for any art that you want it to be. “Fluidism” best describes art that specifically and directly arises from fluid dynamic qualities in actual flowing liquids. The actual forms of flow itself are the art forms.

The No No's

The following are NOT fluidism art:

  • drawing formal lines suggesting the theme of flow,
  • using language, acknowledging the fluid nature of reality without using fluid dynamic properties and fluid dynamic forms directly,
  • using expert draftsmanship to emulate fluid-flow lines in fluid-inspired themes, without using the actual, tangible spontaneity of real flowing fluids and real flowing fluid forms,
  • writing about the concept of fluidity without really participating viscerally with flowing fluids.

For example, Tom Byrne writes,

“I want to go beyond my feelings or beyond mere expressions of my feelings in art. I feel that I can, through my new technique of Fluidism, which simplifies painting to its essentials, relying heavily on the accidental, allowing one to paint the impossible, the invisible, the unknown which emerges, takes form, and is captured.”

Byrne’s art seems shallow, compared to the depth of his words. His paintings fall short of true fluid dynamic spontaneity.

Byrne continues,

“Fluidism is about roaring your heart out, the fluidity of life, the stream of life. Essentially painting is the liquidification of life, representing life though a liquid medium that is paint, manipulating the paint into images through the fluidness of that same paint.”

Again, this is more great conceptualizing that does not come forth in his painting. Compared to fluidism artists such as Rein Nomm or Martin Waugh, Byrne is not in the same league.

Bigayan, Burningham and Byrne might be better to consider labels such as “fluid formalism" or “fluid conceptualism” to describe their art styles most faithfully.

Once again, I insist that the word, “fluidism” (as art) has the following best definition:

“Fluidism is a style of art that incorporates mixing and manipulating real fluid mixtures, in order to discover preserve and present actual fluid dynamic patterns as art works.”

[Click on word phrases below to follow links to fluidism calendars and prints.]


Fluidism … 2011 Wall Calendars



Fluidism Fine Art Canvas Prints



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    • Robert Kernodle profile imageAUTHOR

      Robert Kernodle 

      7 years ago


      “This fluidic aspect is crucial to the philosophy of Tom Byrne. If you think of life as a stream, for Byrne painting is the ultimate liquid form. It is the only place where time can be represented in all directions. His “Fluidism” reflects our temporary corporal forms as well as the eternal quantum foam of the universe, both forever in flux. These qualities provide Byrne’s viewers with a tremendous treasure of multi-sensory experience that exponentially increases the viewer’s pleasure by continually allowing rewarding viewing. Each time his pictures are seen, in a different day, light or mood, fresh elements rise to the surface ,ensuring greatness and longevity to his work.”


      Tom seems to use the word, “fluidism” METAPHORICALLY, applying it to painting in general. By comparison, I use the word, “fluidism” LITERALLY, since I deal with the primitive, creative quality of fluidity itself.

      We can use the word, “fluidism”, for life in general, and this most certainly describes the PHILOSOPHY of fluidism, NOT the ART of fluidism. The visual patterns that I classify under this name are more directly related to the term, “fluidism” as a label for artworks.

      I, therefore, view Tom as a fellow fluidism PHILOSOPHER, but NOT as a fellow fluidism ARTIST. Again, he deals primarily in metaphors applied to painting and to life, in general. I do this, but I provide visuals based on the primal truth where the greater philosophy originates and is grounded in physical substances moving fluid dynamically to form patterns of great visual appeal.

    • Robert Kernodle profile imageAUTHOR

      Robert Kernodle 

      7 years ago

      Hi Tom,

      You wrote:

      “it was me who coined the phrase fluidism in the first place although i coined it in a different category which is fine art painting as opposed to science or photography or whatnot”

      I coined the phrase, “fluidism”, in the first place, NOT you. Maybe you came upon it independently. Apparently, we both discovered the usefulness of the term to describe art. My claim is simply that MY fluidism is a more directly descriptive term for exactly what I do, which is to discover aesthetically pleasing peak formations in the PAINTING PROCESS.

      You also write as though what I do is NOT painting, and this is your misunderstanding. I have explained what I do as an extension of the idea of “painting” that requires photography to capture.

      What I do is a painting/photography hybrid that deals directly with the primal forces of fluid flow.

      Robert Kernodle

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      this is the artist tombyrne who has been acused of fake fluidism which i find difficult to understand as it was me who coined the phrase fluidism in the first place although i coined it in a different category which is fine art painting as opposed to science or photography or whatnot i studied fine art painting in dlsad college of art draughtsmanship in bolton street college and further fine art studdies in the kunst college berlin my use of the word fluidism which i used to describe my particular style of painting is an art historic follow on from cubism impressionism expressionism abstract expressionism etc having studied these art movements extensivelly before coining this new term for my progressive form of fine art painting which i can say is better seen in the flesh at apollo gallery but i am delighted to read that some other group has borrowed my artistic term to describe whatever it is they do rock on regards tombyrne


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