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Updated on May 19, 2011


fashion among students

Everyone likes to look fine and one of the most popular ways to look good is to choose fashionable attires and accessories. A group of experts who design and make fashionable clothes are known as fashion designers. However, they are not the only professionals who work in the fashion industry. There are scopes to make careers in fashion in several other ways. One can opt for careers in fashion merchandising, fashion marketing, fashion consultancy and others.

The last decade experienced plethora of changes in fashion consciousness among people in India and all over the world. Common people are more fashion conscious these days. They do not want to stick to old fashion concepts any more. They are getting several kinds of attires and interesting variety in designs in them. So, they are also up-grading their wardrobes more frequently than ever. Modern shopping malls are representing assortments of fashionable attires and jewelry and other fashion accessories. All these have created a favorable condition to make careers in fashion. There are much better scopes in the industry at the moment. So, school leavers are enrolling into fashion colleges more often these days.

There was a time when guardians restricted their kids to get admission into a fashion institute only because they were not aware of the possibilities in this career option. Things changed slowly in last few years. Now that courses in fashion are available in plenty in all parts of the world, students and guardians are making the most of them. The rush towards fashion colleges is the end result of this overall improvement towards fashion as a career. It is expected that this rush will continue and make more improvements in near future.

To build a perfect career in fashion, one needs to make the most suitable choice among existing courses in fashion. Several courses are equipped with proper infrastructure and skillful teachers and one must make a choice among them. As a professional course, there is need to make practical implementation of concepts here and the course that gives you this chance can help you grow your skills more than others. So, you have to stress on all these possibilities before finally opting for one of the courses as well.


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      neha 2 years ago

      This speech is not good because in this essay you don't give the information about students

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