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You can't see the far side of 'Full' Moon

Updated on May 5, 2012

Far side of the Moon You can't see

We watch the same face of the moon everyday.We can’t see the other side of the moon from earth. As the moon is a satellite of earth, it moves around the earth. For this it takes 27⅓ days. This period is called a sidereal month. Besides revolving around the earth in a sidereal month, the moon rotates about its axis. The period for one complete rotation about its axis is also equal to a sidereal month. As a consequence the same side of the moon’s surface is turned towards the earth at all time. This phenomenon mislead our forefathers that the moon was flat. The reverse side of the moon’s surface was first photographed by the Soviet Automatic Inter Planetary Station LUNIK II in 1959.

Near side of the Moon

On earth, we have 24 hours a day. But on moon the day time lasts for about 13 (Earth’s) days continuously and night time lasts for about another 13 days. During the day time the surface temperature is very high that is over 138o C and during night it is as low as -171o C. After the day is over night falls abruptly and the temperature falls very rapidly. This is because of the low conductivity of lunar surface and the absence of an atmosphere.


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