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Facts About Working as a Nurse in Australia

Updated on July 8, 2015

Australia is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, with its stunning beaches, amazing natural formations, and exotic flora and fauna. The bustling cities are cosmopolitan and have a rich diversity of nationalities working and living together. The laid-back lifestyle is second to none, and there are many and varied opportunities to work and grow in this unique country.

Australia has a long tradition of welcoming migrants and ranks high as a choice destination for both students and working professionals alike. There is currently a shortage of doctors and nurses in the country, particularly in regional areas. Nurses and health care professionals are in high demand in Australia and you can choose to move permanently as a skilled migrant, work temporarily or go on a working holiday- and work while sampling the delights the country has to offer! The working holiday visa is open to all those between 18 and 30 who wish to work and travel up to 12 months in Australia.

In Australia, nurses can choose a variety of work opportunities- temporary, contract or permanent jobs and can have the flexibility of working where and when they want. There are registered nurse agencies and myriad work openings, enabling registered nurses to easily manage their work opportunities, and have flexible work timings which ensure a wonderful work-life balance. From last July, there is no longer the need for nurses to register with each individual state to practice- the country now has a national registration run by the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia.

Nursing agencies can supply specialist jobs in areas such as acute care, care of the aged, community or home care or rural work which involves travel. Depending on your qualification and talent, you can pick the health care segment you wish to be associated with. In fact even if you do not have the required qualification, you can choose to volunteer for jobs such as taking care of the aged. Many aged care employers will offer work based training on the job and you can later do a course that will get you the necessary certification to further your career.

To work in Australia, you will need to prove your proficiency in speaking English (most universities and institutions require that you must have obtained a minimum score in the IELTS exam) and you will need to provide evidence that you have the basic qualifications to practice as a nurse. A certified course such as the Registration Bridging Program may need to be undertaken by nurses who have obtained their qualifications abroad.

There are migration agents who can help you with all the paperwork necessary to migrate to Australia, and also help you to obtain visas and counsel you in choosing the profession that is most suited to your talents and capabilities. Australia is looking for nurses in all specialties, and due to the high demand, visa applications from health care professionals usually get top priority. A lot of nurses attends IRON Program from a reputed institute to get qualified to work as a nurse in Australia. All this means that there really is no better time than now to start thinking about moving to this beautiful country.


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    • georgescifo profile image

      georgescifo 4 years ago from India

      Thanks Peggy!!

    • Peggy W profile image

      Peggy Woods 4 years ago from Houston, Texas

      If I was younger and not yet married, it might have been fun to live and work in Australia as a nurse for a period of time to be able to see that country. This is good information for people who just might wish to do that. Voted up, useful and interesting.