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Amazing Shark Facts

Updated on February 24, 2016

Facts about Sharks

Most people understand the basics about sharks such as that they are meat eaters and they live in the water. Yet there is much more that you don't know about them. You may be surprised to find out there is more to them than just swimming around in the ocean looking for food. Sharks are fascination creatures.

There have certainly been plenty of changes on Earth over the centuries, and sharks always seem to be able to adapt to them.

It is estimated that sharks have been around for more than 400 million years.

What is so amazing is that it doesn't seem like they have had to evolve to survive as much as other creatures. In fact, it is believed that they have evolved very little over the past 150 million years!

Shark Senses

Electroreceptors in Shark's head. Image courtesy of Chris Huh
Electroreceptors in Shark's head. Image courtesy of Chris Huh

Both the upper and lower jaws of a shark are able to move. They are known to have the most powerful jaws of all the creatures on Earth. Rows of sharp teeth help them to get through the meat and even bones of their entrees. They have several rows of them in their mouth at any given time.

The number of them and the shape of them will depend on the species. Sharks grow new teeth all the time and on average this will be about 20,000. You can find plenty of shark teeth at the bottom of the ocean. Since sharks are meat eaters they need sharp teeth their entire life to survive. Otherwise they would end up starving to death as their teeth fell our or wore down.

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Great White Shark.
Great White Shark.
Great White Shark.

They have an amazing sense of smell though and that is why they are able to survive. They are able to find prey anywhere in the ocean so they don't have to worry about food. It is believed more than half of the brain of a shark is used to smell. They also have amazing eyesight. They can see very well in the dark as well as underwater.

Sharks can also feel vibrations in the water which they can use to track down prey that may not be close enough yet but has peaked their interest. They often use these vibrations to help them avoid danger. Most of the larger sharks aren't dangerous but the do their best to get out of the way of something that could be a danger to them.

Sharks don't have bones but rather cartilage. This is why their bodies are so flexible and they can move quickly in the water. They also don't need to go to the surface for air. Instead they get oxygen from the water they swallow. The gills filter it and then the oxygen is absorbed.

There are several ways in which sharks can have their young. It really depends on the species of the shark. Many species lay eggs and wait for them to hatch. Others have their babies in the same way as humans with them being born alive from the mother after an incubation period.

Parts of a Shark

Image courtesy of Chris Huh
Image courtesy of Chris Huh

Baby sharks are on their own once they are born. Those that are born from eggs never even see their mothers. Most have a good chance of survival though as the mother finds a good place to hid the eggs until it is time for the young to emerge.

Now that you know the facts about sharks, hopefully you will see them for the delightful creatures they really are. Their quest is to be happy and healthy in the oceans. They know how to survive due to the way their bodies are designed and their natural instincts.

Amazing images of a Great White Shark


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    I liked your blog, good job. Check out my blog on sharks, just go to my account and there it is! Guess what shark is listed as the most dangerous, you might be surprised!!


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    sick site, working on a shark projects right now, helped my a lot! (H)


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