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Fall of Roman Empire

Updated on May 14, 2012

Greeks at war


Thought history, great civilization have risen in order, prospered in freedom and eventually died in chaos. Most of the great civilizations started out as monarchy’s with exclusive authority over all the resources and activities within their boundaries. As time goes by, civilians discover that they too can rule and conflicts start emerging. More over, improper use of resources and dictatorship give rise to uprisings. The rise of internal conflicts usually subdivides a great empire bringing it down slowly by slowly.

Rome did not start as a big Empire with vast amount of land. It began in a small village that was located on the banks of Tibet River. Adjacent to the village was an island and seven hills that provided a strategic trade route. In between the hills was a marshy area which was later drained and was made main business and political centre in Rome. Rome was ruled by Kings for almost 200 years BC .The Kings led by King Etruscan expanded Rome’s territory through offensive wars capturing neighboring territories. Rome became dominant in the Italian Peninsula some parts of Britain, Spain and France .It became a strong empire politically and geographically.

After conquering Greek, the Roman Empire enjoyed great prosperity and achievement. The security within their borders and established trade routes with its Northern and Eastern neighbors acted as catalysts to its growth .In addition, the development of public works, flourishing of the Latin Literature, founding of new cities, great art works and technological advancement all contributed to the prosperity of the Empire. The monarchy rules ensured smooth running of the Empire.

The great strides made by the Roman Empire were brought down by dictators such as Gaius Maruis, Sulla and Julius Caesar. The Romans revolted against the rule of the last Dictator Julius Ceaser by assassinating him. This act led to a ten year civil war. It was during these periods that the great Roman Empire was brought down. The Romans were against the leadership that was characterized by corruption, military conflicts, decadence and infusion of religion into the government. The freedom and order that had been enjoyed by the Romans for decades came to an end. Rome’s trend replicates other Empires that were flourishing but brought down by poor leadership and division.

There is a lot America can learn from the rise and all of the Roman Empire. Initially the Roman Empire had selfless leaders and warriors who did anything to protect the city. However after sometime, it became filled with fixers and bureaucrats who should not let go of power. At a time America too enjoyed having patriots who would do anything to defend their territory. However, a great number of educated elites no longer wish to serve their country. Due to this events like the 9/11 hit the country. America should encourage a sense of mutual obligation and service to the government rather than treating the government as evil.

America has moved through almost the same pattern in becoming the world super power .For example its culture dominates the globe and its presence is felt in all parts of the world due to economic prosperity. To maintain this position, it is important that it makes necessary changes to suit the changing views of its citizen. For instance, the Rome Empire still thought that a vast empire would still be governed by a small city’s constitution. In addition, corruption elements, individualism and internal conflicts within the government should be prevented at all costs. It is because of elements like poor governance corruption, selfish interests among the leaders that have seen great empires collapse. America should not go through the same process.


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    • Prossylink profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Nairobi

      Thanks Kuttingxedge! let me find something nice on your hub to read.

    • kuttingxedge profile image

      Steven P Kelly 

      6 years ago from Tampa, FL

      Great hub. Thanks for the read!


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