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Family comes First

Updated on April 26, 2020
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An Energy healer and a published author of contemporary fiction books.

We as humans strive for family. We grow up in a family. Want a family of our own and attempt to keep it in harmony and peace. We want our family to grow and thrive and feel happy if there is a success. We also feel sad if any of the family members are not doing well. Our emotions run according to their statuses. We are bound to their welfare.

Concerning the title of my hub, I came across a fascinating article where they talk about plants, also showing a similar trait.

Pasted some interesting facts from the article below:-

Caring and sharing within the family are traits we find in humans and animals. As the saying goes, "Blood is thicker than water."

In a recent study, plants are also found to observe the above principle.

They cannot speak, move, see or hear, but plants recognize family and respect their space. It was studied by scientist Harsh Bais and his colleagues at the University of Delaware. In 3 years, they studied at least 3,000 plants. A plant from the mustard family, which is widely used as a model organism in plant biology, behaves nicely to 'siblings' – i.e., plants are grown from seeds from the same 'mother.' Interestingly, it is intensely competitive with strangers.

Fascinating and unbelievable though this may be, talk of plants and their 'siblings' is not new. In 2007, a team of Canadian researchers showed that plants could indeed identify 'siblings.' But Bais and his team went a step further by discovering how a plant recognizes its 'brother' or 'sister,' namely by root secretions. When the plant sensed unfamiliar root secretions, it began competing by growing more roots to absorb more of the soil's mineral nutrients and water. But with 'siblings,' they threw out fewer roots. When Bais treated a plant to a chemical that blocked the secretions, it seemed to lose its discriminatory sense. There is something in these secretions that tells a plant whether it is related to others around it.

Strangers planted next to each other are often shorter, because so much of their energy is concentrated on root growth.

Ponder on this

We are the smartest species on this planet so, let's wake up and learn from our environment. All living beings treasure their kins and stock. Humans tend to either take them for granted or don't care until they are gone.

Cherishing, respecting, and loving our family will make us tolerant towards other people, and this could help change our society by seeing a decrease in many blood baths seen and read in the news.

A change in our community towards the betterment will help evolve peace-loving children, and that will make our neighborhood safe.

© 2009 Ruchira


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