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Famous Hurricanes

Updated on October 22, 2011

Hurricane, also known as tropical cyclone, is one of the most destructive and dangerous natural disaster.

This storm is combination of numerous storms which have low pressure at centre. Hurricanes are classified as warm core storm system as they purely feed on the heat that releases with the rise of moist air.

The hurricanes can be witnessed more in tropical regions than any other region. Direction of hurricane rotation is of cyclonic nature; clockwise in the southern hemisphere and counterclockwise in the northern hemisphere. Here are some of the famous hurricanes.

Hurricane Katrina

Hurricane Katrina is one of most deadly natural disasters in the world. In the recorded history of United States it was the fifth deadliest hurricane and it was sixth strongest among all recorded Atlantic hurricanes. 

A satellite image Hurricane Katrina taken by NASA.
A satellite image Hurricane Katrina taken by NASA.

Katrina started forming on August 23, 2005.

The hurricane was of category 5 and hit many of coastal lines on United States.

It has affected many regions of United States which includes south Florida, Cuba, Louisiana, Mississippi and many other states United States and the states on the US-Canada border.

According to US records, the Katrina left millions homeless, have destructed acres of land with more than 1800 confirmed deaths.

According to estimates and US records, destruction caused by Katrina cost almost 81 billion USD.

A satellite image of Hurricane Rita.
A satellite image of Hurricane Rita.
Destruction caused by Hurricane Andrew.
Destruction caused by Hurricane Andrew.

Hurricane Rita

Hurricane Rita hit United States and Gulf of Mexico. The year 2005 has observed many of intense and low intensity hurricanes, among all those hurricanes Rita is one of most intense ones and lie in category 5 on Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale.

Among all recorded hurricanes of Atlantic Ocean; Rita is tenth named hurricane, third of hurricane season 2005 and firth ever recorded worst hurricane ever.

Rita, in September 2005, has damaged cost about 10 billion US Dollars. The area that were worst affected by Rita are Texas, Mississippi, Cuba and Florida.

Some of the major damages and destruction caused by Rita were also recorded in Louisiana, Arkansas and US Gulf Cost. Recorded death cause by this hurricane is 113 indirect deaths and 7 direct deaths.

Hurricane Andrew

Another hurricane of category 5 that hit United States is Hurricane Andrew. According references in the history, this hurricane is third most intense and worst hurricane of the 20th century.

The Andrew made a landfall in the August of 1996. It is the ever first named hurricane in the World History.

Bahamas, Florida (south), Louisiana and many of the other regions in South of the United States were main areas that was affected by this hurricane.

Total cost of damages caused by this hurricane was 26.9 billion in United States Dollars.

Before landfall of Hurricane Katrina, Andrew was the worst and highest ever damage costing hurricane of the United States.

Total confirmed fatalities recorded as the result of this hurricane are 26 direct and 39 indirect deaths.

Category 4 Hurricane Ike making its landfall.
Category 4 Hurricane Ike making its landfall.

Hurricane Ike

Among all hurricanes that made their landfalls in United States, Hurricane Ike stands on third position when talking about damage costs. Ike was third of the major hurricanes in the season 2008.

It is ninth among all named hurricanes that made its landfall at United States in September 2008.

This was a hurricane of category 4 that has affected many areas of United States including Texas, Florida, Galveston, Ohio Valley, Mississippi Valley, Haiti, Bahamas, Turks and Caicos.

The total cost of damage resulted from this hurricane was as much as 37.6 USD along with total of 103 direct and 92 indirect confirmed deaths.

Along with many and mentioned regions of United States, it has also affected Iceland and Canada. This hurricane is considered as one of the most destructive natural disaster in history.

A house destroyed during Hurricane Ivan.
A house destroyed during Hurricane Ivan.

Hurricane Ivan

In all recorded hurricanes of Atlantic Ocean, Ivan is the tenth most intensive one. This was the fourth major hurricane of the active hurricane season year 2004. This hurricane made its landfall in the year 2004 in the month of September.

This hurricane caused heavy damages in Jamaica, Grenada, western tip of Cuba and Grand Cayman. The hurricane also causes intense damages in the Gulf of Mexico, Gulf Shores and Alabama. Death toll of this hurricane was 91 direct confirmed deaths with 32 indirect deaths.

Total recorded and estimated cost of damage against this hurricane made a sum of 18 billion USD. This hurricane was in category 5; the strongest possible category of SSHC and is considered as the natural disaster at its worst. 

Hurricane Katrina Making Its Development


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