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Famous National Parks

Updated on October 22, 2011

Nature has blessed us with so many beautiful things and breathtaking sites. The whole Earth is filled with such diverse animal and plant life that till now, man hasn’t completely figured out the exact number of species of living things. This plant and animal habitat is spread all over the planet from; rain forest to hot deserts and from the frozen areas to the depth of the ocean, all of our Earth is filled with living beauty.

Of course human beings are a major part of this whole ecosystem and play a major role in its prosperity. We are in other words responsible for the preservation of everything around us. This is because we are the only creation on this Earth that can think and do stuff that no other living creature can do. So taking this into account it is upon us to preserve the beauty of nature.

Since the last century mankind has been taking some small and some big steps in trying to preserve the natural wonders around us. One big step in this regard is making of National Parks. National parks are actually pieces of land blessed with diverse and unique animal and plant habitat, the government of a particular country who has such pieces of land, reserve the area to save it from urbanization. 

Majority of the world’s National parks are well facilitated with proper staff to look after the animals and plant life and also allow people to witness the natural beauty upfront. By reserving a piece of a land for a National Park, governments not just save a natural habitat from being destroyed, but it also adds revenue to their tourism industry.

People love to visit national parks to enjoy the beauty of nature and this is why most of the modern national parks are well facilitated to cater the needs of people visiting the place.

Yosemite National Park
Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park

This is one of the world’s most famous national parks. The park was established in the year 1980 and was to the state of California, United States. It is situated in the east central California over shadowed by the famous and breathtaking views of Sierra Nevada.

The park covers a total area of 761,266 acres. It is a top tourist destination and around 3.5 million people visit this spectacular natural place, each year.

A part from the wide range of natural habitat, the place is very famous for the spectacular Yosemite Valley which is located in the southwestern side of the park. The area is well known for its granite cliffs and beautiful water falls.

Yellowstone National Park
Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park

The Yellow Stone national park is also situated in the United States and was established in the year 1872. Practically speaking this was the first national park to have been established. The park is unique with diverse ecosystems and sub alpine forests.

Other more popular features of this park are the natural geysers of which Old Faithful Geyser is the most famous. The park is also a great site for tourist equipped with many facilities, like boat riding, horse riding etc. Here fishing is also allowed in lakes and streams, so surely there will be no place better than this park if you want to do some fishing.

Blue Mountains National Park
Blue Mountains National Park

Blue Mountains National Park

This well known park is situated in New South Wales, Australia. The park is just 81 km away from Sydney so any one can very easily reach the place directly from the city center. The National park is located in the Blue Mountains region which is yet another spectacular place to visit. Filled with a natural bluish mist, the Blue Mountains offer some of the world’s most breathtaking views.

The Blue Mountain National Park also offers all these breathtaking sceneries. Although the name of the place has the word ‘Mountain’ in it, but the fact is that the whole area is a plateau region with a number of rivers running through the plateau. So it’s just a matter of words that we call the place blue mountains.

There are many beautiful attractions in this place and the most famous is ‘The Three Sisters’. For people looking to go deeper into the region, there are walks both in day and night to see the beautiful place more deeply.


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