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Famous Rocks

Updated on October 22, 2011

Beautiful rocks all over the world serve as one of the many great wonders of the nature. Here some famous rocks which contribute to the beauty of the world are discussed; these rocks are a marvel of nature.

Here are some famous and wonderful rocks of the world:

Wave Rock

The wave rock is one of the amazing rocks of the world; it looks like a giant wave turned to stone. It is located near the Hyden town in Western Australia. The rock is about 14 meters high and almost 110 meters long.

The rock is believed to be 2.7 trillion years old by the geologists. The unique structure of the rock makes it one of the favorite spots of the tourists.

Wave Rock
Wave Rock
Amah Rock
Amah Rock

Amah Rock

The amah rock is a very famous granite rock present in Honk Kong.

The rock is situated on top of a hill present near Sha Tin in Kowloon.

The rock is famous for its shape which looks like a woman holding a child on her back.

The legend has it that a long time back on the same spot a fisherman’s faithful wife waited for his return every night but the his husband never returned.

The gods turned her into a stone on the same spot.

In Cantonese the rock is called “Mong Fu Shek” which means “the stone gazing out for her husband”.

Jug Rock

The jug rock is famous for its jug like shape.

Jug Rock
Jug Rock
Bowermans Nose
Bowermans Nose

It resembles a water container having a lid on top of it.

The rock is situated outside the town of Shoals which is present near the East Fork of white River, Indiana USA.

Next to the rock is another famous rock called the “house rock” but the jug rock is far more popular and famous all over the world.

Bowerman’s Nose

The Bowerman’s nose is situated in Dartmmor, Great Britain and is a large stack of granite rocks and resembles a human face.

According to the legend the stone is actually a man who was once a Norman hunter.

The man used to hunt for hares with his hounds, one day while doing so he accidentally entered a coven of witches and disturbed a ceremony that was going on.

The witches got so angry that they turned him into a stone.

The rock is popular for this folk tale and its unique beauty. It is ver popular amongst the tourists.

The Queen's Head
The Queen's Head
Lotus Flower Peak
Lotus Flower Peak

Queen’s Head

The queen’s head is the most popular rock formations of the countless rock formations situated along the coastal area of Yehliu, a county of Taipei.

The coastal area of Yehliu is famous for bearing rocks of different unique and distinct shapes, the queen’s head is the most outstanding of them all and resembles the head of an Egyptian queen’s head.

The Mandarin name of the rock is “Nu Wang tou” which means a Queen’s head.

Lotus Flower Peak

The lotus flower peak is one of the 72 peaks of yellow mountains, also called as Huangshan, of South Anhui province of China.

The lotus flower peak is the highest and the most prominent peak on the 72 peaks and is called so because it resembles a lotus flower in bloom.

The mountains are famous for bearing unique pines, sprigs and cloud seas.

Although other peaks on the mountains are very beautiful and attractive, the lotus flower peak stands out the most amongst all the other peaks.

Giants Causeway
Giants Causeway
Flowerpot Rocks
Flowerpot Rocks

Devil’s Organ Pipes

The “devil organ pipes” is a collection of nearly 4000 basaltic columns of rocks originated from volcano eruptions.

It gives a remarkable and a wonderful view and looks like a giant organ.

The rocks are located in the Giant’s Causeway of Country Antrim, North Ireland. According to the Irish legends the rocks were built by the Giant Fionn MacCumhail.

He built them so that he could fight against the Scottish giant called Benandonner.

Flowerpot Rocks

The flower pots which are also called the Hopewell rocks are situated in Hopewell Cape of New Brunswick, Canada.

The place is a very popular tourist attraction and the flower pot rocks are the highlight of the area.

The rocks have a beautiful cluster of trees and flowers on the top and look like a large pot with flowers, hence the name.

The rocks are located next to the bay of Fundy’s and the historians believe that quite a part of the rocks have been worn out due to erosion caused by the tidal waves from the waves.


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      7 years ago

      thank you this helped a lot for my science project which is due tomorrow

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      7 years ago from USA

      Thank you for sharing all the beautiful pictures


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