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Farm Equipment

Updated on October 11, 2009

Farm equipment has been used for countless centuries to harvest the bounty of the earth. While not all farm equipment is specifically designed to harvest, it all works together in the process of providing food for the people of our great planet. Farming used to be rudimentary at best, some might even say primitive. A spade or ho was where it began. Harvesting was done by hand, or with hand tools. It evolved through the generations to make cultivation and harvesting involve less hard labor.

Modern farm equipment has allowed for larger areas of ground to be utilized for agriculture. This new equipment has made tilling, planting, and harvesting more efficient. The process begins with tilling the soil which makes it easy to plant the vegetation of choice. Then the planting of the vegetation takes place.

Throughout the plant’s season it must be cared for and maintained with various types of equipment. Then the plants are harvested and sent off to be used for processing and consumption by consumers.

Farm Equipment At Work
Farm Equipment At Work

Farm Equipment: A Process

The farm equipment that prepares the ground is used to till the soil. This process involves breaking up hard soil and making it easier to work in to plant the seeds that will later become food. After the ground has been thoroughly tilled it is off to the next step. During planting a piece of farm equipment is used to plant seeds under the topsoil. In many places where irrigation is required, a piece of equipment creates small channels in the ground for water to reach the plants before they are planted. After they are planted they are watched over and cared for. The weeds that come up with the plants are removed. The farm equipment necessary here are mostly just those that bring water to the plants. Many of the other actions are still done by laborers.

Harvesting is the process that takes place next. There are a large variety of these pieces of farm equipment that do a variety of operations. Some cut plants just above the ground. They may also be used to separate different plant parts as well. A combine would be an example of this function. Some farm equipment is used to dig the plants root out of the ground, such as with potatoes or Sugar beets.

Farm Equipment: The Future

As for the future of farm equipment it is hard to say where we will be going. Currently a GPS guidance system is being tested and used that would allow for a tractor auto-pilot, if you will. This is leading toward an unmanned tractor in the future. I can’t tell you what the farm equipment of the future will be like, but I imagine that it will make the life of the good farmers a lot easier. I hope that it does. They do a great service for us. They might have technicians verses laborers, but we will see.


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