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Fast Reading Tips For all

Updated on March 25, 2012

Fast Reading Tips

To read fast and quickly penetrate into the structure and content of the text, use the following seven rules. These fast reading tips provide good understanding of reading material. Keep in mind the seven most useful tips of effective reading.

Tip1. Text of any difficulties should be read once, without returning his eyes back, that is, read without regression. Of course, the return to the text should read for comprehension and to develop their ideas, but only after the first reading, with no regressions.

Tip2. One of the reasons that move us to read is to find information. For this purpose it is desirable to know in advance what you're looking for in each semantic segment of text. For convenience, you can use the integral algorithm; read the article and author name the source and its idea, problem, extraction of facts for further reflection, characteristics of the material presented and criticism.

Tip3. For reading comprehensively, apply a differential algorithmic rule for reading. It comprises of three parts: keywords, semantic series and dominant. Keywords are the basic meaning. They carry the state of the object. Denote an action or indication of the subject. They can emphasize the pencil. Of the key words are built rows of meaning that enable in a compressed form to understand the content of the paragraph. Dominant - the main semantic of the text. It is stated in his own words in the language of his own thoughts as a consequence of understanding the information.

Tip4. Main enemy of quick reading is its articulation. Reading without articulation permits you to alter the processing of information. The way of understanding the process and remember information. Reading without articulation bestows percussion rhythm hand.

Tip5. For a quick read, you must have a well-developed peripheral vision. This allows to quickly finding the information in the text. Exercises on the tables Schulte help to improve it.

Tip6. Catalyst is reading attention. Its absence prevents read without regression. Warning characterizes five indicators: concentration, stability, switching, distribution and volume.

Sometime you have to do simultaneously two or more works together, and then use ability to distribute your attention on two or more activities. Use ability to quickly switch from one mode to another, which helps to quickly orient in a readable text. In practice, the amount of attention is characterized by a number of things that people can perceive the rapid presentation. It is important to train your attention.

Tip7. Quick and fast reading is due to memory. It turns out that the material is not just stored in the brain, and processed or forgotten. Reading without regression, and articulation, integral and differential algorithm, attention, peripheral vision, creating a memory cards will allow you to spend less time reading newspapers and magazines.


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