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Fasting To Stay Healthy....or an Ode to Donuts

Updated on March 26, 2012

Probably the last one on food for a while

I am now fasting, just started this morning.

There is no great political motivation or attention deserving problem I am trying to point out, I am just hoping to live longer by not eating since I have become too afraid to eat almost anything. Food is killing me, and you too, it seems. It causes cancer, heart disease, clogged arteries and not even the FDA knows what else I’ve forgotten.

The latest killers aren’t even in the food. Those BPA's plastics in the packaging and containers we use are a new threat. You are condemned to death before you take a bite of the food it is in. Another killer is margarine, which originally dethroned butter in early 1990’s as butter was deemed the more lethal. Fortunately I never switched from the good old-fashioned, pure in rich, fat, butter. My ex-wife used to tell me I was going to die of a heart attack because I spread quarter sticks of butter on seemingly every roll and piece of coffee cake I ate..

Well, so sorry. At 47, I am still here. So to my ex, the FDA and other doomsayers of food – take note: during my last physical my blood cholesterol level was 96, my good cholesterol was where it should be too. For those of who may be cholesterol illiterate, 96 LDL (the bad cholesterol) is really good. And I even eat eggs, and donuts, and cookies, and cake, and ice cream and of course - butter on everything.

It is probably all that genetic stuff again, allowing me to live on nothing but fats. Why not? Bears do it, during hibernation they live off fat deposits stored during the summer. True bears don’t live as long as we do, but I wouldn’t start a fight with one about his diet either.

I remember back in the 1990’s when movie theater popcorn was identified as another conspirator against human health. The popcorn was popped in coconut oil, a proven fatty killer. Health experts said something called canola oil would be best but, taste experts at the time said that it did not taste or smell as good. Now canola oil is everywhere.

The problem then was, what was I to do? I hate popcorn, but my innocent 3 year old daughter at the time, loved it. So was I to begin clogging her arteries then, or do I look for the theaters showing Aladdin that only use canola oil?

Thankfully theaters made the choices before the government could decide for them. It is all about control after all. In a nation of choices, our choices dwindle every day and will do so when we let government decide for us. Government wants to control what we eat and drink, sometimes for the best, but usually not. Now they want to decide healthcare issues for us all, putting our fates in the very hands of the same idiots who told us many years ago that butter was bad and margarine was good, but oh now that is all wrong and forget what we said. This is one of the numerous such error made by these people who look at one, limited study, and start yelling fire.

This is similar to the researchers who recently proposed a ban on sugar. Trans- fats anyone. If the government has its’ way, the only way to get health care will be to follow the rules. Don’t eat this and only so much of that. Depriving children of sugar can make them more manageable, right?

Unfortunately, the reality of life is that we are all mortal. Something is going to kill us, if we live long enough our bodies will deteriorate as corrosive chemicals build up and our body parts wear, much like a car. Yes, we are all going to die someday, and with genetic stuff being a factor, some people can eat all the sugar, butter, margarine and popcorn they wish and still be healthy and have a cholesterol level of 96. Ha, ha.

We will never be one-hundred percent healthy, and none of the food we eat, places we live or environments that we are exposed to will be purely beneficial. What purpose does the FDA serve, worrying about natural coconut oils and not testing genetically altered tomatoes which have been on our shelves since the mid 1990’s? It is amazing that everyone has noticed the difference in tomatoes and they do not taste good anymore unless you grow your own it seems. So many foods have been subjected to genetic modification on one kind or another that I doubt anyone has kept track, certainly not the FDA, the government agency responsible for our food safety and quality.

I have a horrifying image of the FDA asking the companies if the mice are ok after eating the foods, then trying it out on Mikey from the old Life cereal commercial, if he eats it then it’s approved. The new term is “Frankenfood”, which fits my nightmare scenario really well.

Is this how “pink slime”, the ammonia treated junk meat that gets processed as ground beef, made it to our tables. In the case of ‘pink slime”, our pets have been eating it for decades in canned pet foods. At least with choice, many supermarkets are choosing to ban the slime, Kroger is the latest to denounce it and say they will not carry it.

Sunkist screws around with oranges, Monsanto messes with corn and other crops. This is not the simple cross-breeding done by farmers a hundred years ago. Scientist today tinker with the genomes of our foods and are working primarily for corporate interests. Their intentions may be said to good, but for whom? It gets hard to tell when corporations are patenting genes, and genetic variations, including those of humans’.

Yes humans, Myriad genetics, a company that does molecular diagnostic testing, was granted patents for two genes that can be used to detect ovarian and breast cancer in women. This affects everything, as Myriad would like to control the tests for these genes, which costs $3000 each and control everything about this gene. Your ability to test for these diseases now rests on Myriad and your ability to pay.

What does this mean? Besides not knowing the long-term consequences of all of these modifications, I think it will certainly lead to some crisis or health issues in the future. What effects will these modifications have on our health fifty or a hundred years from now? And who will own us? Many companies, not just Myriad, are patenting genes, you will need permission for corporations who own your genes for tests, cures and maybe even to have children someday, or maybe they will own your children because of the genes they have inherited by you – but owned by a corporation.

New lines of genetically altered plants do not create seeds, so farmers have to go back to the seed company for new seed every year. Farmers can no longer be independent and are dependent upon the Monsanto’s of the world who want control. We are losing bio-diversity as the number of species of corn, for example, has dwindled to about half of what it was a hundred years ago. The day may come when we have no crops, the genetic seeds will be useless and we will have lost our diversity to recover.

Not every endeavor is as altruistic as that of Mars with saving the cocoa plant and chocolate.

I really think it is past time the FDA started doing its’ job and start figuring out what is happening to our food, get some of those scientist to work for us for a change. They need to quit being a hundred years behind and get in there and advocate for us. Perhaps if the FDA and government were to quit telling us what to eat, they might be able to focus more on our food quality. Besides, what I eat is between me and my doctor, not the government, and my doctor has not told me to change my diet yet, I am healthy and fine.

Mom always told us not to play with our food at the table, maybe they should quit playing with it before it gets to the table too.

Time for a donut, I might as well die happy.


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    • Irob profile image

      Irob 5 years ago from St. Charles

      Dream on, thank you. The subject is very deep and complex, and there are many things I did not mention. You hit the key word on the head - moderation.

    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 5 years ago

      You bring up so many interesting facts I never heard before.It all makes you wonder.I try to do everything in moderation.Some good choices and some bad choices.But I just love the good taste too much.At least I make the decision what to eat or not for now.

    • Irob profile image

      Irob 5 years ago from St. Charles

      Thanks Dawn

    • profile image

      dawn 5 years ago

      love this one!