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Fear,understanding and responding

Updated on March 7, 2014
Fear is a natural human emotion.Various factors are responsible for this emotion.Learning to deal with fear is something that matters and is vital. Our inner self and belief is something that plays a vital role in overcoming fear..
Fear is a natural human emotion.Various factors are responsible for this emotion.Learning to deal with fear is something that matters and is vital. Our inner self and belief is something that plays a vital role in overcoming fear.. | Source

What Is Fear

Termed as a negative feeling, fear is a natural instinct of human beings. It is an emotional reaction of being cautious, of self restricting oneself from the potential and real threats .At times, this human emotion is taken in good terms but mostly fear is dealt as a negative trend which if let out of hand can hinder a persons dealings and attitude towards various life experiences.

Causes And Examples Of Fear

What causes fear is an important question. Various factors, external, internal, or even subconscious are involved in this form of human reaction. For every person, there is a different reaction to a same situation. For some, a certain thing may not be that frightful while for some it can be very disturbing. A very common and simple instance is that of people being afraid of heights. There are many who just enjoy the experience while there are most of the individuals who get very uncomfortable even with the thought of being on a very high place.

Like many other examples of fear there is a must mentionable form of fear which hinders a person’s personal growth, a fear regarding the future aspects of one’s life. Under this situation a person subconsciously shows extreme cautiousness and in most cases refrains and restricts himself from even taking further steps as well reforms to develop and progress in life. Ultimately he becomes stagnant at one single point or phase. Such kind of fear hinders an individual’s personal development effecting him in a negative way.

All in all, the causes of fear vary from one person to another. It’s all about a human reaction and perceived attitude towards various things and situations. The dominant emotions of restriction in one way or another are the ones that cause and bring forth the instinct of fear.

Dealing With Fear

The main thing that must be considered while dealing with this human emotion is to overcome the uncomfortable feeling and learn how to accept and react towards a certain thing; a situation or an experience in a well, positive way. For that a person needs to develop within himself a strong feeling of courage, of self belief, and of strength. If we notice, throught history people who have overcome their fears are the ones who went to great extreme heights in their lives. They dealt with their particular fears by developing within themselves courage and responded well to the fearful, bothering situations. Therefore, if one wants to break away from the shackles of fear, one must learn to accept it as a part of life and not to let it control oneself. A person must allow the inner strength of self belief and self love to deal with it. As a famous saying by “Marie Curie” says it all,

“Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood”


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