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Fifteen Facts you can’t live without!

Updated on May 1, 2013

The internet is full of time-wasting random fact generators. Here will be no exception. While I was searching I verified the facts. I scoured the net for hours for the funniest facts that will enrich your life. Actually, they probably won't change your life at all. In fact, it probably won't benefit you, but for a moment in time you will be amused, and that is all life is really about; right?

1. Shakespeare, the man widely regarded as the world’s greatest writer in the English language, wrote “your mom” jokes! The technical term is ‘maternal insult’ but the sentiment is still the same. Shakespeare’s commentary was more sophisticated than “my other ride is your mom” but supposedly they were just as funny back in ‘ye olde English.

2 Jellyfish will evaporate in the sun because they are 98% water. As an added bonus, scientists say that they also don’t have a brain, heart or bones… Sound like anyone you might have come across?

3. Ever see streams of light or stars in your vision after rubbing your eyes or a head injury? No, you’re not crazy (at least as far as I can tell) there is a scientific term; it’s called phosphenes. It is a phenomenon of seeing light without light entering the eye. It happens when the retina cells are stimulated.

4. The greatest thing since sliced bread? Maybe it was the 2 month law that outlawed sliced bread. In 1943 the U.S. of A. outlawed sliced bread as a wartime conservation effort. The law was repealed in 2 months.

5. The total weight of all ants on the planet is about the same as all the humans on the planet. Ants are an amazing creature, and they outnumber humans by about one million to one. If someone has the time to do the math, and apparently someone has, it is about exactly the same weight.


6. Sir Thomas Crapper DID NOT invent the toilet. He was not a “Sir” either. In fact, he only patented minor improvements to the flushing toilet that we all enjoy today. I guess with a name like crapper, it is hard to not get some … notoriety

7. For people who never have enough time; it is time to panic. There are actually not 24 hours in a day. The earth takes 23 hours, 56 minutes and 4 seconds to make a total rotation. Knowing this makes me feel like I will either accomplish less or more – tomorrow..

8. In South Africa there is a muppet on the show “Sesame Street” that is HIV positive. HIV is so prominent and the fear of it is so widespread that they created a HIV positive muppet to educate the young crowd about it. Even former president appeared in this show to meet Kami the HIV positive muppet.

9. If your friends don’t dance then they’re no friends of mine! In 1518 this was true. There was a troupe of people that had what was called the “dancing plague” where they danced themselves to death. It is a phenomenon that caused multiple deaths. One woman started it and many joined until they died. The best theory is that the sickly people were affected by a fungus that reacts similarly to LSD.

10. On September 1999 a micro-nation was created within the U.S.A. The republic of Molossia is about 1.3 acres in Arizona. It consists of one house, one resident, and one yard. One man followed his dreams and became the president of his own micro-nation.

11. Ancient libraries would have been louder than a pub. Reading silently has not been an activity that people have done for a long time. Originally, reading was done aloud and with groups of people. Most reading was done from religious writings, and it was considered beneficial to read aloud. Additionally, the words were not separated, and it would be hard to read silently.

12. The pyramids at Giza were not built by slaves as it was originally thought. They were built by trained, educated and paid peoples. They were fed lavishly and treated with respect. As an additional fact, the amazing structure used to be covered with a stone that would act like a mirror and reflect light.

13. Easter Island, named so by Dutch explorer who arrived on Easter Sunday, is all that remains of an ancient island called Lemuria. It was supposedly the highest point of the island, and scientific research suggests that the original island could explain the fables of Atlantis.

14. Sharks have been around longer than dinosaurs. It is recorded that they have been around about 400 million years. The most famous terror is the megaladon, which was an average of about 80 feet long. The megaladon was thriving when all of the dinosaurs were dying.

15. Famous scholar Voltaire became rich, not by his writings or discoveries, but by the French lottery. The lottery was a way for the government to raise money, but he noticed that reward was more than the income. He teamed up with a famous statistician named Charles Marie de la Condamine, and he won 1 million Francs which was enough to allow him to write and do as he pleased.


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    • Karmallama profile image

      Doreen Lucky 4 years ago from St. Paul, minnesota

      I like your comment. I was reading into it too and I found a lot of people who believed the aliens theory as well. it is very interesting to think that people thought we were so incapable back then. I would dare say that people are less capable now because we don't have to try to learn so we don't. Back then they had to try, and their knowledge stood the tests of time. The scientific research is almost hidden in the internet archives in reliable sites, as if THAT is the conspiracy instead of what really happened. It makes a person think. Again, thank you very much for your comment

    • karthikkash profile image

      Karthik Kashyap 4 years ago from India

      Very nice hub indeed :)

      Regarding the facts 12 and 13 you have written, the details go far deep. In fact, they are counted among certain conspiracy theories, such as "aliens helped humans build the pyramids" and "Lemuria/Mu was the first advanced civilization on earth which thrived for more than 100,000 years, Atlantis being its daughter civilization".