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Finding A Suitable Degree Course For You

Updated on February 7, 2013

The healthcare industry has seen a great boom in recent years. The professionals including pharmacists, doctors, therapists, and especially nurses are in great demand. Many nursing schools can be found all over the United States offering a wide range of courses to the individuals aspiring for becoming nurses. They offer them several nursing degree programs. These include Associate’s Degree in Nursing, Hospital Diploma, Bachelor of Science in Nursing, RN to BSN, Master of Science in Nursing, Direct Entry in MSN and Doctorate in Nursing, and proper training. These courses help them play their role well and take good care of patients. These professional programs also help them grow faster in their careers and enjoy a fulfilling and satisfying professional life.

If you’re also a nursing aspirant, you can find out numerous accredited online degree nursing schools in America. All you need to do is to find a good school in your state and a right nursing degree program. When searching for degree programs, you should not only consider that you have to obtain a degree but should also have clear-cut objectives as to why, where, and which degree to be obtained. The main objective of enrolling in a particular course is to get a good job after finishing it. Analyze your goals and objectives and understand which degree program is the right choice for you.

Useful Tips For Selecting A Nursing Program

Here we provide you with some steps and tips that you may find useful in selecting a nursing program for yourself.

• Determine your goals and objectives and find out where you want to go in your career. This is the most important step in finding a right nursing degree program for yourself. There are many schools that offer a wide range of courses to nursing aspirants. With such a huge selection, you may get confused if you don’t know where actually you want to be.

• Determine the level of degree you want to obtain. Whether you’re looking for entry-level programs, masters programs, or doctorate programs in nursing. This helps you in ruling out all those programs which do not meet your criteria. For narrowing down your search, you should also know whether you’re interested in hospital management, operation theatre technician program, or associate’s degree.

• Determine where you want to enroll yourself in a degree course. If there are no geographical limits, you can explore accredited nursing schools in other states also. But if you want to look for a degree program in your state only, things would be different. Online courses are also available if you don’t like to travel or relocate. You can take advantage of these.

• Search on internet about different nursing schools in your area. You can also checkout the ranking of these schools. For reference, you can consult “U.S. News and World Report.” You can also checkout rankings according to degree programs.

• Shortlist three or four schools and find out more about their programs, class schedules, and fee structure. Select the one which is nearest to your place and offers a nursing degree program at lower fee charges.

Finding a nursing degree program in your state is not a problem especially in this internet era.

Tips On Getting into A Good College

Some Universities in the US

Stanford University Logo
Stanford University Logo
University of California, Berkeley Logo
University of California, Berkeley Logo
Yale University Logo
Yale University Logo
Harvard University Logo
Harvard University Logo

What's Your Dream School?

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Highest Paying Degrees

Ever wondered what four year college degree could earn you the best bang for your buck? We took statistical data from the official Bureau of Labor salary data and found out what would be the your best investment when searching for your degree. Now is not the time to be searching for the right degree. With college tuition rising and the job market being so competitive, people want a degree that will allow them to earn the best bang for their buck. This focuses on a four-year bachelor degree. There are great options out there for people looking to obtain an Associates degree, Masters, or PhD. Here is a list of the top 10 highest paying bachelor degrees:

  1. Aviation $123,228
  2. Aerospace Engineering $103,181
  3. Computer Engineering $101,710
  4. Engineering $89,913
  5. Computer Science $90,000
  6. Nuclear Engineering $87,231
  7. Information Technology $85,090
  8. Business Administration $82,000
  9. Electrical Engineering $81,091
  10. Chemistry $75,265

After looking at the highest salaries, I noticed that the top paying jobs required a lot of math. In order to make more money, major in a degree that requires advanced math courses. These degrees are in the engineering, computer science, and accounting fields. Fields that have little money in them, such as non-profits, libraries, and such are not going to pay as much as fields with a lot of money in them. The best industries to work for are in the field of technology, oil, healthcare and science because they both have a lot of money to go around, which make sense as to why these fields pay their employees the most money.

What Degree Is Right For You?

When you attend college you want to major in a field that you enjoy but it's also important to find a degree that is in demand. What is the point of going to college for four or more years and not finding a job? Before you decide on what you want to become it's important to do some research on what type of degree's are in demand and the highest paying. If you aren't any good at a particular subject you might want to cross that field off of your list. For example if you hate science then a career as a doctor wouldn't be in your best interest because you wouldn't enjoy what you are doing.

If you enjoy mathematics then try looking into a career in accounting and maybe even computer science. These degrees are always in demand especially when you live around Silicon Valley and San Francisco. Another great example of finding a degree you like but don’t want to take the required coursework is if you enjoy working on computers but hate mathematics. Well not all degrees in computers need a ton of math. There are majors such as Information Technology, Web Design, and Graphic Design that could get you working on a computer and doing what you enjoy without having to take all of the math courses.

Remember that choosing a degree requires some research and make sure that the degree you decide to pursue is in demand when you complete your degree, you'll have a company ready to hire you.

Great Resources For Learning

For those that aren't fortunate enough to go to college and receive a degree there are still ways to get a college education for free. Of course this is going to require hard work, dedication, and the hunger to learn. Here's a list of great online resources for you to get an education beyond high school.

Online Resources:

Gifts For College Students

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This makes a great gift for college students to bring to class so they could take notes, research, and most importantly have fun!

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