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First Day High! : Initial impressions

Updated on July 28, 2009

Initial impressions last so make sure you're gold from the get go!

The first day of school is a chance to a start a new - it's almost feels like you are being reborn. You can make it count by being the best person you can be by being friendly, know when you hold back, and always mind your manners!

Do's and Don'ts

Introducing yourself

  • Do: take the initiative and make your presence known to new classmates. Don't complain about having to introduce yourself (again!) to your old classmate / section.
  • Do: help shyer classmates with instructions. Don't ignore new classmates who try to acquaint themselves with you
  • Do: put a new teacher at ease by welcoming her to your class. Don't make fun of new teachers who try their best to impress....

Finding a seat

  • Do: Search for a spot conducive to learning. Don't make a beeline for the last row - doing this screams "problem student."
  • Do: Sit up front if you've got eyesight issues / problems, because constant squinting causes wrinkles! Don't drag your chair too close to your best friend, dragging your chair will cause a traffic jam in the aisles.
  • Do: Relinquish / Give your seat to someone who might need it more. Don't rearrange the chairs so you and your BFFs could get the best ones.

Making an Impression

  • Do: Always be on your best behavior around everybody. Don't limit your etiquette to just the school admin and faculty.
  • Do: Always set achievable goals for your self. Don't be lazy about improving yourself and habits.
  • Do: appreciate other's efforts to make a good impression. Don't scoff at those who want to start their year right (by trying hard to make good impressions)


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    • Dame Scribe profile image

      Dame Scribe 8 years ago from Canada

      Great Hub! I said the exact same to my sons for HS and they are very popular with teens of all grades and their teachers. :)