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First day of college class

Updated on August 22, 2013

Soon after we graduated secondary schooling, we prepare ourselves for college. College is an educational institution where we as individuals are getting prepared for the real world. It is in this phase that we are transitioned to acquire new skills and to learn new knowledge, to make us a fully-developed, highly-competent and well-adapted individual, one that is totally balanced in body and in mind. College is yet another phase of our lives.

Students who are about to enter tertiary education/college spend most of their time thinking deeply about what course to be taken up and what institution to be enrolled in. Most of them spend their weeks preparing for the university/college entrance exam. Some are sending their applications to multiple universities/colleges of their preferences and when they get admitted, they choose the institution which best offers their needs and demands.

I remember the time when I was about to enter college. There were countless nights that I can’t get myself to sleep. The fact that I am finally entering tertiary education excites me so much. I know, most of the students would feel the same way too. But not all people share same feelings about entering college. While others are thinking how exciting their first day in college will be, some are particularly feeling pessimistic about it.

For those who have already been in college, some of them exasperatedly described their first day to be very frustrating; others described theirs to be truly embarrassing. However, most of them had great experiences; funny, interesting and predominantly exciting. But some were not as excited as others, they thought it was just like an ordinary day. I remember my friend once saying how better his first day in college could have been gone but at least he wasn't humiliated. I really don’t know what exactly had happened to him but I do know that it was something that you never wanted to experience. For most of us, first day in college is one of the most exciting days of our growing years and we don’t like it to be ruined.

So here are some all-important tips for those incoming college/university students:

“Wake-up early”

“Early bird catches the worm.” You have to wake up early, especially when you have class first thing in the morning. Make sure you have plenty of time to prepare for school. While there are some people who like to get noticed, you won’t probably like it when your professor pick up on you for being late in the class. Maybe this is an exaggeration but you certainly don’t want the teachers to have bad impressions about you. Some teachers will possibly consider students getting late but honestly being late is something teachers really don’t like. So, it is better to be “early” than sorry. Also, isn’t it ideal and most appropriate for students getting early for school?

But then these are just random possibilities. Actually, there are some professors and lecturers who don’t mind their students getting late in the class. (This is not indirectly telling you that being late is fine though.)

The point is that teachers/professors/lecturers in most of the times especially during the first meeting will discuss with their students their rules and regulations, the grading system, a brief introduction about the course. Some would immediately start their class discussion. You probably will miss important things. So don’t slack off. Take your time but manage it properly.

“Be prepared”

Sleep early on the night before your first day in college. Avoid doing unnecessary things. The more time you get from sleeping the more chances of waking up feeling all right. Don’t forget to eat your breakfast. You might as well take a bath. I mean, you should take a bath!!! Isn’t it the fresher the better? Eat a lot, especially foods high in calories to supplement you with enough energy for the day’s activity. Most students get overly-excited, and you most probably too. One piece of advice, “just don’t get carried away.” There are also students who would particularly feel nervous, uneasy and intimidated. Some would feel the lack of self-confidence maybe because of some insignificant apprehensions. Just relax, take a deep breath. Take a relief. Be confident about yourself. Be optimistic about everything. Everything will be just fine.

  • Fix yourself. Have a new hair-style that would look great on you. You don’t want to have a gangster look though. You are going for college into a learning institution, a place where students are prepared for the real world. At least have a decent look. Trim your hair for a nice hair-style, one that is school-friendly.
  • Dress-up; find a dress that will look good on you, one that is appropriate for college of course. Think of yourself as an ideal college student. If the school requires you with the student uniforms then you wouldn't have to think of dressing up much.
  • No id no entry. This is a basic policy in college/university or in any other institution of the like. Of all things, please make sure you wouldn't forget your I.D.

  • Of course do not forget to bring with you a notebook and a pen. You will certainly need these.

“Room and Time Schedules”

You are entering the college/university for the first time, and you don’t expect yourself to be familiar with the campus’ vicinity. It is highly recommended that you bring with you a list of your class room and class time schedules, in most cases this will be included in the COR, put this on a folder to avoid it from losing.

Do not exclude yourself from others!!!

This is your first day in college and this is a big opportunity to start making new friends.

As soon as you enter the portals of the learning institution, you will become a part of a whole, a new community. A community of intellects who share common goals like you, to become a successful individual someday.

  • Whenever you meet someone along the way, greet them with a warm smile.
  • When you feel the need to ask somebody for help, DO NOT HESITATE! Ask politely and do not forget to say “thank you”. Who knows? That person could be your new best friend!
  • Get to know your classmates. Start making a conversation. Ask for their names. Tell them about how exciting your first day in college is.
  • Be interested in getting to know people. Most of them are college freshmen too, and like you they are also interested in making new friends.

Congratulations!!! You are now finally entering a higher learning institution. Be confident of who you are. Do not get intimidated by others. You are more capable than you think. Have a great first day in college!!! Carpe diem.

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