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Five Greatest Inventions of all Time

Updated on June 25, 2013

5) Computer

It is quite obvious that computer has a reserved and special space in the list of evergreen inventions. This device holds the sole responsibility of digitalizing the the world, which made the world truly 'modern'. The computer was basically made for solving long, lengthy and difficult calculations that human take a long time to do. In the space age, the demands for fast and accurate calculations was rising in an ever-increasing manner. As the world at its scientists were discovering the solutions and answers to the greatest mysteries of the world, nobody had enough time to do the hard and long calculations. Moreover, there was also a high probability that a person might even make mistake in the second step.

This legacy started when Konrad Zuse in 1941 invented the Z3, the world's first working programmable, fully automatic machine. Several decades ago, from 1950s to 1980s, the computers were large, more precisely, massive. There were giants whose size varied from a room to several rooms. But with the advancement of technology and invention of certain other things like the microprocessors and chips, the modern computers seem minuscule when compared to their giants.

One of the important changes between the old and new age computers is that the basic use of computers has changed dramatically. These were invented with the motive of calculating faster and easier. But now they comprise and performs manifold functions. From playing various sorts of media to storing data, from surfing on the Internet to gaming, the computers are capable of performing almost every function.

Another drastic change is in the size and variations in computers. Desktops, PCs, Laptops, Palmtops, Tablet PCs and Smart phones, all are the different variations in size, portability and compatibility of computers. We have to admit that computers have made our lives easier. Hence this great invention has been ranked fifth in this list.

4) Internet

I just ended talking about computers. Now we observe that computers are not only used for calculating. In the recent years, computers have been extensively used to surf on the Internet. Yes, the Internet is one of the greatest inventions of mankind, ranked fourth in this list. But why is it so great?

Before 1960s, books were the ultimate source of reference. Different books had in them different kinds of information. But it was not necessary that these books would be available everywhere. The information about the happenings in one part of the world was very difficult to transfer to the other part. Long distance communication was extremely difficult. But this all changed with the invention of the Internet.

Data from the books was directly put on the Internet, and everyone had access to that information, but not if he did not own a computer and an Internet connection. The global news can be seen and read anywhere in the world. E-mailing was introduced which helped people to send mails to one another within a fraction of a second. Recently, Internet has given birth to social networking, was has proved instrumental in social awareness and other countless things. So we conclude that the Internet is a very essential asset of humanity and has thus cemented its place in the 'all-time wonders'.

3) Wheel

Imagine your life if the wheel had not been invented. Our lives would be at snail's speed. In the ancient times, people used to travel long distances on foot to reach a certain place. The civilizations usually developed at or very near the river basins, because it was not considered sensible to settle away from rivers, as water is a critical and life-giving resource and nobody was in favor to travel very long distances to collect it.

But suddenly, the wheel was invented. Firstly, these wheels were put into agricultural and construction practices. It changed the way of transporting heavy objects from one place to another. They also simultaneously influenced the method of farming. Eventually wheels were put into use in bullock carts and other small vehicle sort-of things. Then in the later half of the millennium, cycles were evolved. Gradually, we now see cars, motorbikes and much more on our streets. But how were these beneficial?

The first direct and immediate impact that the wheels had on the world was easy and faster transportation. The second benefit of wheels was the long distance transportation. Although this is related to the first impact mentioned above, this is still slightly different. People preferred to live nearby water and other resources . But with faster transportation, the civilizations started expanding. This advancement in transportation enabled the advancement and development in technology. The economical development of the the world was never possible without wheels.

Frankly speaking, our live standards would not have been this high and the transportation would not have been this fast without wheels. It is surely one of the greatest inventions.

2) Mobile Phones

Now I proceed to the second greatest invention of all time. It is a device that is most probably in your pocket right now. Maybe you are reading this hub on it. Maybe this device is the part and parcel of your busy day to day life. This device is none other than the Mobile Phone.

Again imagine a world without mobile phones. Imagine how would we communicate without these hand-held devices. I even fail to imagine such a tragedy. Really, a life without mobile phones is a total chaos. It is the mobile phones which give us the power to communicate with people. Whether our loved ones are in our city or the other half of the world, no matter where you are, mobile phones enable you to talk with them. Before phones, the people communicated by sending mails. The mails would take days, weeks or even months to reach the people. Telegraphs were invented which made the communication faster. But it was still difficult. Then came the mobile phones, which changed our way of communication and turned our lives upside-down. Now these phones come with added features like Internet surfing, gaming and multiple applications for various purposes.

Doubtlessly, mobile phones are one of the greatest inventions. This invention is so great that it has gained second position in this list. But still there is an invention which far greater than all the four inventions combined. People today cannot survive without this. So the greatest invention is .................

1) Electricity

Which is the world's greatest invention? The answers is clearly electricity. Dubbed as the 'Eighth Wonder of the World', This invention is the primary cause of the level of development that we see and examine in the modern world. Our lights, fans, air conditioners, computers, microwaves, ovens, electric inductors and even some cars, all run on electricity. But why is electricity so important and used everywhere?

Everything requires a fuel to work. Electricity is a brilliant fuel. It is easily accessible. It does not cause pollution and hence is very eco-friendly. It can also be harnessed from an ample number of resources. It is extremely portable too. It can also be stored in various forms using various methods. The most importantly, it is very cheap.

It all begun when Allesandro Volta invented the battery. This disclosed the fact that electricity can be used as an efficient fuel. Later, Michael Faraday invented the electric motor and dynamo, which was a testimony of the fact that electricity can also be harnessed easily. Afterwards, James Clerk Maxwell formulated the laws of electricity. Now, electricity is used everywhere. Throughout the world turbines are used to convert steam energy, wind energy, geothermal energy, nuclear energy, tidal energy, hydro energy and ocean thermal energy into electrical energy.

Really electricity is the Eighth wonder of the World. We cannot survive without it. It is beyond any doubt by far the greatest invention of all time.

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