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Five Longest Rivers throughout the World

Updated on January 19, 2011

Longest River

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Longest Rivers

What are the longest rivers in the world?

Rivers are bodies of water that occupy a portion of land and they empty into a larger body of water. There are many rivers throughout the world. These bodies of water can be very powerful and yet peaceful at the same time.

I always have trouble remembering things especially in geography. Here is a little mnemonic to help you remember the longest rivers in the world.

1. Nile River: Located in Africa. Length is 4,160 miles

2. Amazon River: Located in South America. Length is 4,000 miles

3. Yangtze River: Located in Asia. Length is 3,964 miles

4. Mississippi: Located in North America. Length is 3,808 miles

5. Huang He: Located in Asia. Length is 3,400 miles


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