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Five Tarot Card Reading Tips For Beginners

Updated on April 3, 2016

Tarot Reading Tips

  1. Use a familiar, comfortable, tarot deck when reading for others. It is important to use a deck you feel a connection with. Be sure to try a lot of different decks to see which feels right for you. I personally use this tarot card deck I actually got on Amazon:

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2. Memorize 2-3 key words for each tarot card (4-5 if possible) These cards are very complex, and at the beginning it is difficult to really retain all of that information. A great book by Anthony Lewis called Tarot Plain and Simple, has everything you need as a beginner. Starting out, you can learn three to four keywords for each card so when you are doing a reading and one comes up, you’ll be able to use them. Get yourself a journal and write down keywords for each card and really work on memorizing them. To check out the book, click HERE

3. Come up with methods for remembering your keywords such as:

-Associating the meaning with the picture on the card

-Using your own personal experiences to remember card meanings. Create a scenario in your mind based on your past experiences.

-Associating the cards with a person you know. Think of someone in your life that it reminds you of.

4. Asking the right questions for a tarot reading. Don’t ask a yes or no question if you don’t want to do a yes or no reading. Read up on kinds of open ended questions. What information do I need to know about? What further illumination should I have? has article on how to ask questions. For example, she has said instead of saying "why am I not in a relationship?" ask "What is blocking me from being in a relationship. What am I not seeing?"

5. Know and use key words for suits and elements Fire, Water, Air, and Earth are the elements in tarot. One of the most important things you can do is learn your elements. It’s a good idea to look at books. Tarot Plain and Simple has a few pages on the elements. For example, for the earth element some keywords are practicality, groundedness, security, materials (health, work finances, etc) If you aren’t sure about the card, but you can know your keywords for the element in the card, you will be able to do a better reading.

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