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Floods in Kenya Proving to Be a Silent Killer

Updated on May 6, 2020

The Headline ‘Flood havoc in the country’ is dominating closely after ‘the Covid-19 Crisis’ and according to the meteorological department in Kenya this situation will be with us for a while. However, the major question is, how dire can the floods be? With flood-caused Fatalities surpassing 164 people as compared to the 24 fatalities caused by Covid -19, Floods in the country are proving to be a silent killer. Not only are they washing away lives, but they are exposing more and more Kenyans to risks that might bring the country to its knees. For instance, let us take a look at the home to the great River Nile, Lake Victoria. After She broke her Banks, thousands of Homes were lost with over 32,000 people being displaced. With the shores of Lake Victoria being the biggest mosquito breeding site in the country, with over 32,000 people having been displaced by the floods, Covid-19 will be the least of their worries during these trying times but rather they will be battling Malaria too. However, residents along Lake Victoria are not the only ones that are facing the wrath of silting in Lakes, the Kokwa island of Lake Baringo is on the verge of being covered up by the lake, rendering thousands of People on the island homeless. With the government encouraging the residents to move into highland areas, the residents fear that the areas might not be that high for the heavy downfall and with the unspeakable fear of the islands disappearing under the ever-rising waters.


The Northern region of Kenya, it is not only the home to unexploited resources but also a victim of Natural calamities. The story shifts from deadly drought to deadly floods with the similarities being loss of lives and a government that never learns or may be, cares less. The region is not only facing Floods and Covid-19 crisis but also a Cholera outbreak that can prove to be fatal. However, the downfall has not only brought raging waters with it but also deadly landslides. Mt Elgon for instance has lost a number of lives to the unexpected landslides that left residents not only mourning their beloved but also fearing for their lives. Days after river Nyando broke it banks, the country has seen more rivers not just breaking their banks, but also washing human lives with them, sweeping away not only homes but also the happy and hopeful moments that lived in them. With major Rivers breaking their banks around the country and several counties falling victims of the downpour, the country is still amidst the containment of Corona Virus that is spreading like wildfire and with the rising number of displacements, many Kenyans will have to seek help from the Almighty in order to beat this. as it is the government can only do as much.


One would think that after so many years of media coverage on the same story over and over again, something might change, but rather it the same problem with the same solving techniques that are not only temporary but are less effective. Areas known for flooding, Rivers known for breaking their banks, people losing their lives and at the core, a government that is known for providing relief food that can not sustain the very tax payer. At the long run the same tax payer will organize a Kenyans for Kenyans campaign to help their fellow brothers and sister out of humanity to do what the government is unable to do. And as I sit watching a mother prepare stones for her children, my question is, how many more mothers are going through the same situation? And how many of our leaders are watching with a smirk or with the ‘who cares’ attitude? Afterall, after so many years of flooding and paying taxes, rain havoc should have been the least of our worries. we should not be terming the rains as destructive, rather they should be the ‘dry season’s gems.’ Turkana should not face Drought when it has such a heavy downfall. This country could be running throughout the seasons but well, the same strategies this year, while we await next year for a retake. What a Shame!


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