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Florida Kangaroo Court DeSoto County

Updated on December 3, 2015
This is evidence of mfg for resale?  NO SALES!
This is evidence of mfg for resale? NO SALES! | Source

Evidence of manufacturing for resale

Understand that this certified Aqua farm that had been unused since destroyed by a hurricane in 2004, yet the owner maintained its greenbelt aquafarm certification. My company bought this farm in June 2009 and with this farm came the protection laws covering greenbelt aquafarms. Under two laws of Florida a farmer need not obtain a building permit. Fact is DeSoto County took the authority away from the ONLY authority in Florida over farms and farm structures, the Florida Department of Agriculture.

Development of an Off Grid Aqua Farm

After retiring from the Miami Dade County Fire Rescue I had the opportunity to purchase this existing certified aqua farm. Knowing the future will be farm raised fish I saw this as an opportunity and convinced the wife to invest with me on this 11 acre tract in Arcadia, Florida.

During Hurricane Andrew I saw the need for more safe rooms and developed the SafeDome. 8 tons transportable 10 feet in diameter 8 feet high tornado and hurricane proof. The intent of this business idea was to take the SafeDome and mount solar and wind generating systems capable to run the aerators and pumps. It was while constructing four of these domes is when DeSoto County ( my personal belief is that the neighbors complained about my black caretakers) got a complaint of mfg being done on a farm.

Then I am told by the Florida Department of Agriculture Costigan that the two laws of Florida we invested and depended on were not enforceable and we would need to hire a law firm? Funds at this point did not allow us to be represented by an attorney. Knowing this, Counsel for the Florida Department of Agriculture Costigan, coached me on all the laws pertaining to farms and aqua farms ( on aqua farms Best Management MUST be practiced whereas on a farm it is only a suggestion). Using the knowledge of law obtained from Counsel Costigan we felt confident that the law was on our side and I decided to represent my company at this Special Masters Hearing. Knowing now, years later and deeper in debt, that the American justice system is based on your monetary ability to pay for it, I would have hired an attorney. When I discovered that a corporation cannot file a civil rights complaint MUST hire a law firm it became clear lawyers protecting lawyers. Despite all evidence of a farm and no evidence of a sale my company is found guilty and ruined all within 45 days of ownership.

Off Grid Farming still a good idea Fish Farm For Sale Arcadia, Florida.

DeSoto County Decision on what is a farm

My personal belief is that my African American employees and aqua farm caretakers aggravated the locals and were going to find a means to stop my development. So with the non enforcement by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Division of Aquaculture a Special Masters Hearing was allowed to take place. I remember as a youngster watching Circle K westerns and how they would have a court called a Kangaroo? After going through this DeSoto County Special Master Hearing I now know first hand that these types of courts still exist. State of Florida rather than produce evidence or copies of evidence supporting the verdict of manufacturing for resale on a certified aqua farm can only cite this Kangaroo verdict not EVIDENCE!

Tornado Hurricane Proof shed NOT a useful farm structure?

Delivered a SafeDome to Miami Dade County personnel stationed in the Everglades.
Delivered a SafeDome to Miami Dade County personnel stationed in the Everglades. | Source

What is a farm What is a farm structure?


Our entire Constitution and Bill of Rights is based on innocent until PROVEN guilty. In America can there be guilt without evidence?

Sign On Gate GUILTY

One of the interesting items that DeSoto County used to declare that these unsold unfinished concrete sheds were for resale only was a sign on the gate. Actually a sign that advertised my web site used at various outdoor agendas. In this situation it was being used to alert the suppliers as to where the gate entry was and when the County made an issue it was easily removed. Take note of the Broward phone number indicated on sign.


What makes a Kangaroo Court?

Zoning would have you believe that these row of unbuilt domes were on display for all to see?  Hwy 72 is beyond the tree line nobody could see them  A LIE
Zoning would have you believe that these row of unbuilt domes were on display for all to see? Hwy 72 is beyond the tree line nobody could see them A LIE | Source

Overgrown grass on pasture land?

I found it strange that a farm would be cited for overgrown grass? Nevertheless a contract for the purchase of cattle was presented to the Special Master indicating this grass would be essential to feed the arriving herd. Unfortunately she would rather have had my cattle starve to death.



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