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Florida Tallahassee Dirty 6 violate the Conspiracy Act 1964

Updated on October 27, 2015

Guilty without evidence declared by Costigan

Color of Law to deny rights

So as to conceal the illegal ruin of a off grid aqua farm the Tallahassee Dirty 6 use zoning violation as an attempt to conceal the illegal ruin of an aqua farm, YET cannot produce any evidence of violations?

Under the Florida Right to Farm Act and Aquaculture Policy Act this farm had every right to build farm structures and was by law required to have a caretaker 24/7. When DeSoto County stopped the construction of farm structures and the eviction of the aqua farm caretaker they violated two laws of Florida.

Tallahassee Dirty 6 violated the Constitution

Governor Scott, Commissioner Putnam, Director of Aquaculture Knickerbocker, Counsels for Department of Agriculture Hall and Costigan ALL conspire to uphold guilty declaration so as to conceal the illegal acts committed by DeSoto County.

Can there be guilt in America without evidence? Inspector General Sears says yes?

Hurricane Tornado proof shed NOT useful farm structure

Senior Counsel Hall declares safedome not a farm structure

So as to further conceal the illegal acts by Republican District DeSoto County the Florida Department of Agriculture declares the safedome NOT a useful farm storage shed?

Certified by the Department of Agriculture, Miami Dade County, meets FEMA 320 for safe rooms yet not a useful farm structure?



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