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Fly Free, Butterfly

Updated on May 23, 2011


The summer dragon has arrived here. The heavy humidity penetrates the air, making the partially cloudy sky feel laden except when a brief cooling breeze blows. Our yard has transformed into an amazing green that is so bright it seems to shimmer in the air, caught in emerald reflections off of the heatwaves from the concrete street. There is a soft hush in the country; far different from the resounding noise of the city. It feels different and it is different.

I sit in the Jag with the driver door open, smelling the breezes and enjoying the quiet peace, when it is interrupted by a frantic sound. Turning my head towards the sound, I see a black and orange butterfly trying desperately to fly against the back glass of the car. It is so fragile and yet, still keeps trying to find its way to freedom. Pity twists at my heart and using a stuffed dragon to coax it closer to the open door, it finally stands frozen, afraid and trapped. Gently, I take it into my hand, cup it, careful not damage its tiny body and then lifting my hand out into the open air. I open my hand and watch with great satisfaction as the beautiful creature lifts into the air and flies away once again free.


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    • Freewind Ginger profile image

      Freewind Ginger 6 years ago from USA

      Thank you, Eiddwen, you are always such a great support.

    • Eiddwen profile image

      Eiddwen 6 years ago from Wales

      A beautiful hub and thank you for sharing it with us.

      I push all the buttons for this one and here's to many more hubs to share.

      Take care