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Fly high in the sky like a bird

Updated on March 19, 2013

The creator has created so much diversity in the nature and each of its creation is so unique and beautiful. There are innumerable spices and varieties of reptiles, animals, birds, fishes, trees and so many things. And each of them have their own nature. There are some things in these creations which are really noteworthy.

All of us when we were kids or at some point of time must have dreamt of being the birds and to fly high in the sky and go to all the places in the world.

Its so nice and rejuvenating just to sit and see the birds flying.Here are some of the beautiful pictures of the birds.

Let sky be the limit
Let sky be the limit
Rule the entire sky
Rule the entire sky

Things we must learn from BIRDS

1.Sky is the limit for people who aspire to fly high

2. When a bird flies high in the sky, it has to cross many clods but it never gives up. In the same way problems come in life but we must never give up

3. When success comes your way, never loose your sight of the ground. Like a bird, fly high yet live on the ground!

4. Success is very addictive but actual success is only when you stay united and uplift your fellow mates! Just like birds, lead, share, fly with unity!

Whatever be the heights you reach, don't  forget to come back on ground.
Whatever be the heights you reach, don't forget to come back on ground.
Find time to chill out with your friends
Find time to chill out with your friends


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    • epigramman profile image

      epigramman 5 years ago

      .... a beautiful presentation and I am lucky to see all of this where I live here in Canada by lake erie, ontario and is currently 7:29am and daylight is coming up over the lake.

      I can see/read that you respect and adore the beauty of nature so we are kindred spirits - so nice to meet you