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Food and Water

Updated on June 21, 2011
Your ancestry is powerful
Your ancestry is powerful | Source

Food and Water, the salvation of mankind.

Every generation finds themselves in a debacle, where the balance of life is somewhat uneven. The haves and the have not’s are in the same boat when it comes food.

I’m not going to talk about politicians this go around; we all know what they are made of.

I’m not sure if the type of food we eat makes a difference in the way we live our lives, but however the nature tell us that carnivores are on top of the food chain. Now it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that food is a major player in the pecking order of the animal kingdom.

The equivalents to this scenario in the human genus are generally listed as two types.

1. We have over achievers, control freaks, “A” type personality and top of the list would be self centered politicians, all of which are meat eaters.

a. These are the exact people who promise to help us and create jobs for those that have none.

b. They tell you that everything is for your good, and taxes will further stimulate the economy.

c. Our schools will teach a balance of education and both sides of history as we say it is.

d. Like so many before them, history does tell the real story as well as honest men can interpret it.

2. On the other hand we have worker bees or general labors, family oriented people, people with a balance in life of family, religion and then work. These people eat meat also but only as a balance of food, not the main course or at every meal.

a. Home life is where it all starts for most people, having your own children and raising them in your likeness.

b. Religion is and has been a contention of mystery for hundreds of years; we follow a set path handed down to us from our parents, or blasé a new updated model we learn by living. No matter where we end up, our belief in God is ours to own and we can only teach and show by example to our young.

c. Work, sometimes is also handed down from father to son in the case of a family business. When the first two examples are reached we have the working tools to be self sufficient in our endeavors in creating a work life for ourselves. As humans in this century there are so many choices that we have in order to support our new family as our ancestors have done in the past.

d. As jobs and traditions are exported to other countries, so is our way of life. We can’t feed our children promises nor will their appetite for life grow on the verbal hog wash that the meat eaters are telling.

It seems as though “WE THE PEOPLE” have missed the boat when it comes to believing those special people who have been chosen to lead our United States of America. Once again as in the past it is and will be up to those of us who believe and trust in GOD as our fore fathers had to do.

Our country runs on food first, we are just the furnace that burns the food that creates the energy to build the bridges for the cars to carry the people to and from work. This chain of events is in critical disarray and in fear of forever changing. Whoever controls the food supply controls the will of the people as well. We were not meant to just tag along or follow others to the watering hole like sheep.

Americans only need a couple things to be successful once again and were all setting on it, knowledge. We need to grow a supply of good food, vegetables and fruit and protein from eggs all of which we can do ourselves at home with our family. Water is needed and most of us have elected to use city and county water systems and let the old wells to dry up. A co-op of neighbors one again sharing the life sustaining supplies that will keep us alive.

Look deep into your soul for the answers to the questions that will allow you to live as humans again and break out of this political cage we are all being trapped in. Seek religious advice if need a guide to learning the discipline needed to perform these tasks. Most of all stay a family there is power there when needed.


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