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Food for Thought...Teacher Education is Missing an Important Ingredient!

Updated on September 20, 2010

If we understand how childrens' minds learn we will be able to teach them and maintain their attention...

Listen to what I say, it is indeed important-now just don't sit there...
Listen to what I say, it is indeed important-now just don't sit there...

The Psychology of Learning...

Let me ask you a simple question? What system of our body impacts learning more significantly than any other system? Do you know? Lets go back to biology 101. Is it our Circulatory System? Is it our respiratory system? Perhaps it maybe fun and worthwhile to review a helpful activity. Please remember my name, and I advise you to listen carefully to the voice that follows; that is if you want to...

After you have finished this activity, your mind will be refreshed and indeed we will understand that our

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

is vitally important to learning information. Of course this is simple to understand; however, remember of all people I believe parents and teachers should understand this more thoroughly then most (excepting doctors, psychologists and surgeons)...

What makes up this important system of our body? Recalling the excellent interactive you should have just completed the answer should be (simply) recall. Yes our senses are indeed a profound conduit of getting stuff to our wrinkled walnut!

Now if you wish to transfer information (any information, that is) it would be beneficial to involve as many senses as possible! Make sure that the people (that you want to learn this information) are at least attentive with their eyes and ears; however, if you can get their "nerve net" (i.e. body) involved also that would be wonderful!

SHHHHHhhhhh! Please don't let anyone especially your students realize that suddenly by teaching (this way) that your discipline issues will drop significantly. I would suspect that your quality of life will also unexpectedly improve significantly also. That would be if you are a teacher, professor, administrator or parent...Lets be sensible or I should say lets maximize our sensible instruct...

If you Google "Revelation Theory of Learning" in quotations you may indeed find much, much more...

What Body System influences learning the most significantly...

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    • profile image

      Peter 5 months ago

      I love the way this blog is set-up! It is so interactive; thank you for your example...

    • profile image

      ve 2 years ago

      Armed with RTL, I am now entrusted with that previously well-kept secret: instruction should be multi-sensory, relate to students' lives, and include age-appropriate, carefully selected technology and plenty of physical movement - pretty much a guaranteed path to full engagement of students' attention.

    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 3 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      when will the teachers start to listen to our students woes? this is the ingredient that is missing

    • profile image

      John Connor 3 years ago

      Frames of Learning: Revelation Theory of Learning was published in 2012 by Kendall-Hunt; although, the theory has been published in journals since 2006...

    • profile image

      John Connor 6 years ago

      If you are referring to my book titled Fields of Learning (RTL); it will be published this summer...

    • dagostorigby profile image

      dagostorigby 6 years ago

      What's the publishing date?