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Forget Unified Field Theory

Updated on December 30, 2016

Forget gravitons. Forget a unified field theory. Einstein’s GR fits perfectly with QM without the need for a graviton.

Every prediction GR gave us has panned out, including finding lensing, finding through experiment that gravity moves at the speed of light, and proving true everything else he said about time/space connection, distortion, curved space, etc.

After 40 years string theory has not proven a single thing, nor has it made any accurate predictions. It was based on the idea of the graviton.

QM has been dying to find evidence of the graviton, but mathematically quantum gravitons are the only proposed particles that just don’t work. While QM predicts accurately for everything else, it fails with gravity.

Recently new high powered collider experiments which just found the Higgs boson, thought they finally found a graviton. After months of study and redoing the experiment, they found out they were wrong. No graviton yet.

They will keep trying with more and more power. Will they find it? Who knows? But I doubt it.

I think Einstein was right. Gravity is the fabric of space’s reaction to mass/kinetic energy.

QM doesn’t fall without gravity. (pun intended) And GR doesn’t fall because of QM. The two go together like hand in glove.

Newtonian gravity still works, but not on the scale or with the accuracy of GR .

And while QM tells us about particles, GR tells us what they are made of: energy. Einstein told us that quantum partials are for all intents and purposes compressed energy traveling below light speed.

Light/photons are mass less. They aren’t particles, they are energy waves.

All matter has energy, but energy doesn’t require matter. Mass is itself a form of energy: kinetic energy. And again, energy doesn’t need mass.

So the particle/wave duality isn’t a mystery, nor is it counterintuitive. Particles are both particle and wave. Both are different states of energy.

With the recent discovery of a gravitational wave in space which did make slight but measurable time shifts as it passed things in space, it seems to me to be one more bit of evidence for a fabric of space. That and the latest findings about quantum fluctuation proving to be a fact, the evidence grows for Einstein’s theory of a fabric of space and his theory of gravity.

We’ll keep looking for gravitons, but to me it’s probably a waste of time. Not that we should stop any time soon, but the more evidence for GR that emerges, or better yet when eventually it’s been completely tested, if it still stands tall, we may finally put the illusive unified field theory to rest?


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