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Formetera's Fauna and Flora

Updated on June 16, 2015

Formentera, located near Ibiza, Spain, is set in the Mediterranean Sea. Its pristine white beaches and clean, crystal waters offer a vast variety of marine fauna and flora that provide a visual feast that is perfect for scuba diving excursions.

As you dive off their shores through the crystal clear water you will notice an endemic sea plant called Pasidonia Sea. This plant provides large amounts of oxygen and due to this production, this particular area has an extremely diverse marine flora and fauna. This plant, while considered endangered in other parts of the Mediterranean, grows in abundance off the coast of Formentera. It can be seen in underwater fields just off the coast.

Other marine flora you may encounter are sea anemones. Their deadly, yet beautiful, tentacles are used to feed from their unsuspecting prey. Red gorgonians, also known as sea fans, grow in abundance where the natural sunlight penetrates the water's. These plants grow in abundance, in groups or separately, on the seafloor. You may also see nudibranchs (also known as sea slugs), the briozoos (also known as moss animals), sponges and polychaetes (also known as sea worms)

While diving off the coast you will encounter a diverse marine fauna. Some of the more common fauna you may encounter are mullet, octopus, moray eels, grouper, sole, bream, eels, beautiful species of starfish, cuttlefish, roosters, scorpion fish, and barracudas. All these species are commonly spotted in the Mediterranean. There are other, protected, species you may encounter. They are the angel shark, great hammerhead shark, basking shark, spiked manta rays, electric manta rays, seahorses, weasel sharks, snubnosed garfish, dogfish, and sea ravens.

At times, you may see dolphins playing in the pristine waters. You may also see sea turtles, whales, and swordfish. At times, large schools of pelagic species, such as bluefin tuna or herring, may be seen. If you can spot a school of small, filter feeding fish, watch for the larger predator fish that feed off of the small filter fish.

Regardless of which part of Formentera you choose for your diving excursion, you can expect white beaches, crystal clear waters, and a diverse amount of sea flora and fauna. This diversity will provide a fantastic experience for all levels of divers.

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Where to find the scuba center

Calle Almadraba 67, 07870:
Carrer de s'Almadrava, 67, 07870 La Savina, Illes Balears, Spain

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All the photos used on this page have been taken by Yann who works for Blue Adventure diving club. If you're interested in getting to know Formentera's diverse biology by yourself or take some days off to dive in the calming and beautiful marine landscapes just ask him to show you around. Find his contact information here.

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